Just relaunched! Covetrus Mobile Vet app

By Marketing

25 November 2019 5 min read


The Covetrus™ Mobile Vet app is now available to download from the App Store & Play Store.

Let us introduce you to a mobile extension of your modern practice

We’re excited to relaunch VPMMobile as the global Covetrus™ Mobile Vet application! The app is designed to sync seamlessly to your VisionVPM™ practice management software as an extension of your practice, giving you access to up-to-date practice information on your mobile device wherever you are.

Whether your practice treats animals large or small, in practice, on the road or in the field, our app has been designed to help you:

  • Streamline practice operations
  • Drive business efficiencies
  • Better support your team
  • Enhance the customer experience

How does it work?

Covetrus Mobile Vet lets you access key areas of your practice’s workflow on your smart device using a two-way sync function, gathering data and pushing back to your practice management software. It is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Your team can also record details without connectivity when remote or without data and syncs when in range or back in the practice. This accessibility to records means staff can reclaim their evenings back by recording important patient, client, product and service information in real-time rather than at the end of the day or following day when details could be missed. Available on any iOS or Android device, the app also allows you to access information out of practice hours, from vital clinical history to checking in on your next appointment.

Our aim is to support your team in driving everyday efficiencies, giving you and your team more control so they can perform at their best. Covetrus Mobile Vet provides access to the tools and information they need to achieve this.

Already a Covetrus Mobile Vet (formerly VPMMobile) user?

Visit our VisionVPM support page for more information.

A new solution for your modern practice:

  • Everyday tasks made easier 
  • The information you need, where and when you need it
  • Keeping you in sync with your practice

Read on to discover some of the key features we have built in to benefit your team, customers and business. 

Supporting your team

Whether your teamwork with small or large animals, the Covetrus Mobile Vet app provides a whole host of features to support your team:

  • Easy access to appointments and schedules
  • Quick data entry during or between appointments
  • Record notes and payments instantly, cutting down on paperwork
  • Information accessible offline and out of hours
  • Ability to check and verify newly synced information from the app
  • Better visibility & control over workflows
  • Easy product selection, recording and payments
  • Instant access to information and real-time processing

“Practice owners and managers using the app say their vets love the ease in recording information. Not to mention how happy their accounts teams are now they can move from paper to digital records and notes.” – Product Manager APAC

Improving customer experience

Our Covetrus Mobile Vet app can help you improve overall client experience by streamlining practice processes and facilitating consistency of service outside of the practice.  The app allows your team to:

  • Provide clients with an immediate summary of the visit, products used including label information, an estimate of cost, payment taken, and receipt via email confirmation following an appointment
  • Instant access to patient clinical history & real-time processing of new information
  • Search and filter products, batches and services available during a consult

“For veterinarians and vet nurses on to go, emailing the visit workflow while they’re still with the client provides key information immediately about the visit. This includes consult and service information right through to important information about product and treatment dosage frequency, warnings, and repeats. It’s helping veterinary professionals automate a step-up in client experience and ongoing patient care,”– Head of Product Development APAC

Streamlining your business

We know that small investments in new innovations can deliver big impacts to everyday practice management and your bottom line. The Covetrus Mobile Vet app is the link between you and your practice, offering key features that can help streamline business processes, saving you time and money.

  • Increases efficiencies and smoother operations with reduced paperwork
  • Support data integrity and reduce the risk of error with vital information always on hand
  • Reduce missed charges with on the spot recording of products/services used
  • Timely processing of payments in and outside of your practice
  • Enhance client experience, providing consistency of service on visits
  • Keeps you connected with your team, practice, and PMS data


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