Business growth explosion through automation in VisionVPM

By Marketing

8 November 2019 5 min read


When Dr Claire Wade,  implemented VisionVPM™ in her livestock and companion animal practice, she was immediately impressed with how easy and intuitive the solution was to use.

She experienced immediate benefits from the rollout of the practice management solution, which replaced time-consuming manual processes done previously in Microsoft Office. She understood that daily practice life can be chaotic and it’s hard to juggle essential business processes while providing the best patient care. It’s also hard to stay on top of financial aspects like missed charges, as well as take care of client communication and retention.

Despite some initial reservations, Claire knew that the VisionVPM™ solution ticked all the ‘must have’ boxes on her list of requirements. She describes her ‘aha’ moment as the time she experienced sudden insight into the value of the software solution.

“I felt I was over-investing initially because I didn’t have many clients and my business was still in start-up mode. However, another experienced vet in the region retired and I picked up two of her major customer runs. My caseload and client database suddenly exploded,” she says.

“There is no way I could have kept up without VisionVPM,” says Claire. “The way that it schedules bookings online is fantastic, plus I was able to automate my forms, making it very easy to manage the sudden growth in my client base as well as my increased geographical coverage. I clearly remember thinking: Thank goodness I did this. I definitely haven’t over-invested and it has made running my business so easy.”

The integrated services are a core strength of VisionVPM – they help veterinary professionals like Claire capture more revenue, streamline workflows, boost efficiency and grow their practice. Better practice operations build client confidence and lead to better patient care, which in turn generates repeat business, increased customer conversion and loyalty.

Claire was also very impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge and support from the Covetrus team, starting with the solution sales consultant. She explains that she has an extensive background in sales, so she was very wary of the ‘sales pitch’ she expected to get.

“However, he was very patient and knowledgeable,” she explains. “He made sure every question or concern I had about my investment was addressed thoroughly – nothing was brushed aside. I wasn’t made to feel that I wasn’t important, just because my business was small. “He took the time to understand my business needs and made me feel important. Even though I wasn’t a big customer, I felt like I was still a valuable client.”

Claire then transitioned to her implementation manager, who helped her set up and customise VisionVPM and import her manual client data. Between him and her case manager, Claire said she never felt like she was left on her own. “I was free to call when I needed support at any point,” she explains. “It has been a good learning experience and the team were really good at taking me through the implementation step-by-step.”

She has also been impressed with the after-sales service and support. She says that as a locum she would often hear staff in veterinary clinics complain about significant delays with software solution providers getting back to customers. “I was used to this and expected the same with VisionVPM,” she says.

“However, on the contrary, I found that the VisionVPM support staff get back to me really quickly to address any questions or problems. In fact, sometimes a call comes back to me so quickly that I’m not expecting it and I miss it and have to ring back!

Claire explains that in the time she has had VisionVPM – which is over 12 months – she’s never had to wait for more than a day for the support team to get back to her. This was something that surprised her – considering how small her business was at the time. “I don’t spend a fortune with Covetrus, but the support is always there,” she says. “It really is fantastic.”

“If an issue isn’t resolved immediately, I always get a call from one of the support team to take me through the solution step-by-step, or I’ll get an email telling me they’re working on it and outlining timeframes and next steps,” she concludes.