The importance of partnerships in veterinary digital experiences

By Pete Richards

14 April 2020 5 min read


Pete Richards, Innovation Lead at Covetrus™, discusses the important role that partnerships play for both vets and innovators in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive environment.

With the launch of products such as Covetrus Connect, it’s clear Covetrus is innovating internally to improve the digital experience of veterinary professionals. How important are external partnerships to Covetrus’ innovation objectives?

We have been carefully building an internal culture of innovation and creative collaboration with external partners is a natural extension of this. Covetrus Connect provides veterinary practices with a simple and secure integration with the technology partners of their choice, accelerating innovation into their practices.

External partnerships are key to creating innovative products and services for the veterinary clinics we serve, and Covetrus looks forward to developing strategic collaborations to help us improve standards of care and drive practice efficiency for our clients. Covetrus Connect currently supports more than 40 solution partners, including providers of prescription management, business intelligence and analytics, diagnostics, appointment reminders, other and pet health services. We are transforming how technology solutions are built and delivered for the veterinary industry by supporting a vibrant development community and partners who are as passionate about driving innovation forward as we are.

Many disruptive innovators with digital solutions are looking to work with an industry leader like Covetrus. What is Covetrus looking for from a prospective collaborator?

Ultimately, we are looking for collaborators that are trusted, solution-driven, customer-focused and share our mission for Covetrus Connect and to provide value-add solutions that lead to better patient care, improved practice workflow, and increased profitability for our shared clients.

Covetrus Connect is all about expanding a veterinarian’s choices to best leverage the power of practice management information through innovative technology-driven solutions. Covetrus is always looking for opportunities to work alongside other innovative companies who can help us achieve this. In doing so we provide more choice and flexibility to better manage patient care, improve practice workflow, and drive increased profitability.

In return, our collaborators receive secure, accurate, and permissions-based access to practice management information. This means they can focus their innovative talents on designing and delivering best-in-class services to help practices operate better.

Traditionally, vets are apprehensive to adopt technology beyond the existing practice management systems. How have your customers from veterinary practices responded to your innovation and what is the future of digital technology in the veterinary space?

Our goal is to make the adoption of new technology and solutions outside of the traditional practice information management system model run as smoothly as possible. With any innovative solution, there will be early adopters, and there will be veterinary practices that will need more time and information. We believe that the key is empowering our clients, we do this by ensuring the information and support required around the innovation is accessible. For example, Covetrus Connect allows our customers to easily choose these new solutions through an app-store approach, this is the same approach regardless of the new solution.

As we innovate and develop our products, we also acknowledge an increase in the need for training and ongoing performance support. As such we have been working with a renewed approach to training and learning around new innovations to bring them to life for our clients. Advances in technology are often described as disruptive, our aim is to provide innovation without disruption in the practice. Our clients expect from us, positive, progressive and impactful change, bringing this to the veterinary space is our daily mission.



Pete Richards

Innovation Lead, Covetrus Software Services

“Finding innovative solutions for real problems”