VisionVPM™ version 2019.3 is now available to update!

By Marketing

11 December 2019 5 min read


The VisionVPM™ 2019.3 release is now live in VisionVPM to update.

For our final release of the year we’ve jam-packed it full of new features and updates focused across three key themes; improved visuals and user experience for stock classification, wellness plans, and client engagement.


  • Visual Stock Classification
  • Wellness Plans
  • Client Statements

How to update

You’ll receive an email from the team notifying you that the VisionVPM update is available. For instructions and answers to FAQs, visit our new VisionVPM Updates page.


Watch the recording in the VisionVPM Portal as Liz Zagalak as she takes you on a tour through the new and updated features of VisionVPM 2019.3.

Read on to find out more about the VisionVPM 2019.3 release highlights.

Visual stock usage classification

For this release we’ve created a three-tier ‘traffic light’ system to help you and your staff identify stock item’s antimicrobial classification according to NZVA guidelines. The indicators have been designed for:

  • First line therapy therapeutic conditions
  • Second line items with antimicrobials restrictions, and
  • Antimicrobials important in treating refractory conditions that require clear evidence for use

For each patient consult veterinarians and vet nurses are making countless decisions they feel are best suited to caring for the animal. By having clear visual indicators for your staff to identify specific stock usage classifications quickly the feature helps promote better antibiotic use, and also automates more accurate sales and purchases reports.

Wellness plans

Wellness plans are becoming an increasingly important option for clients and their patients as part of their experience in your clinic. The experience needs to be smooth and frictionless as possible, especially when invoicing for wellness plans.

In VisionVPM 2019.3 we’ve added automatic invoicing for wellness plans – this means invoices are checked to see if items are in a wellness plan, either as a specific item or in an analysis group on the plan. VisionVPM will then automatically add the discount to the invoice for your team. This helps streamline the invoicing process and helps reduce miscalculated amounts for your clients and practice.

Client Statements

Client experiences are important for encouraging return visits and helping create the best experience for patients as well. With this in mind, the team wanted to help practices send clients the information they need and when they need it when it comes to client statements. In the VisionVPM 2019.3 release the team have achieved this by increasing ease and speed of sending client statements by including multiple contacts for a client at the end of month bulk statement run.

Further information available in the VisionVPM 2019.3 release notes goes into further detail about:

  • Batch and Expiry
  • Covetrus™ Mobile Vet app
  • On-screen notifications
  • Vetscan FUSE lab and VPM Merge updates

Available now!