RxWorks™ Performance is designed to help you streamline and grow your veterinary practice, enhance patient care and achieve your potential. It delivers practical tools and processes that assist with every aspect of veterinary clinic operation.

One of the modules within RxWorks™ is Performance – an exclusive module that develops a fee schedule that’s both fair to your clients and profitable for you. It uses a set of standards that support the best treatments possible for your patients and ensures all tasks in your patient visit records are complete and accurate.

Another valuable part of RxWorks Performance is Super Bundles. They help to eliminate holes in processes that cause missed charges, by grouping collections of procedures that are usually charged together; for example, surgery and anaesthesia. When work is billed, Super Bundles prompts for the entry of all of the relevant variables, meaning there is minimal chance of any being forgotten, and increasing the accuracy of charges on your invoice.

According to Carole Benassy, Regional Operations Manager of Vet Partners in South Australia, the introduction of Performance and Super Bundles allowed patient care, not billing, to become the focus for her veterinarians and vet nursing staff.

RxWorks Performance was the first choice for Carole and her team when they migrated 22 vets and more than 90 staff across seven Vets4Pets sites to a common, centralised system. She describes how the pre-defined procedures and fee management tools, plus bundling, helped take her team’s focus off the charging process and on to patient care.

“This has definitely saved time and stopped the vets and nurses worrying about billing each individual item,” she says. “Now they see a shorter list of patient care items to choose from and they just tick the relevant ones. There’s no more distraction and concern watching a patient’s bill mount up.”

Carole explains that RxWorks Performance and Super Bundles make practice processes a lot more efficient and accurate for new employees too. “We have new staff, locums and holiday rostered cover coming and going across all of our sites,” she says. “The system is very easy for them to pick up. I don’t have to keep checking the work of new staff and I can trust the accuracy of the billing and reporting.”

Significantly improved financial performance is another key benefit of the RxWorks solution. Rules-driven procedures, templates, IPAKs and inventory items all help eliminate holes in processes that lead to lost charges – improving practice revenue as a direct result. Missed charges within the veterinary industry are commonly accepted as significant, varying between 10-20 per cent for most practices.

“We were missing a lot of charges before we started using RxWorks. In the first year, we picked up $60,000 of missed charges on cage fees for surgery and hospital cases across all our sites, because we weren’t billing consistently.”

She explains the practices under her management achieved consistency by replacing individual fee items with bundled charges, which were then set in the system. This gave her and the team the ability to cover every scenario but removed the margin for error. “The RxWorks solution also gives the client a more detailed invoice, which is a much better customer experience,” she says.

Aside from more comprehensive invoicing, RxWorks Performance also improves the accuracy of customer and patient records. “We know the data comes from the procedures service list and we can trust it,” says Carole. “It is much more accurate and gives us more detailed reporting.”

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