With the extra time and detailed information, Dr Chris Reardon was able to increase the practices’ revenue in the first year by 22%, followed by 11% and 7% in the following years. RxWorks™ Performance and Sparkline Scorecard also helped identify and collect an additional $80,000 in missed consumables charges, and $40,000 in hospitalisation fees in the first year.


  • 22% increase in revenue in the first year, and 11% and 7% in the following years
  • Collected an additional $80,000 in missed consumables charges
  • Collected $40,000 in missed hospitalisation fees
  • Practice was able to invest in more specialist equipment
  • Significant improvement to practice culture and teamwork
  • Positive impact on client relations and client loyalty

The objective

Dr Chris Reardon, owner and director of the Warwick Veterinary Clinic (WVC) group on Queensland’s Darling Downs, wanted to spend less time on business administration and more time on the practice’s services and quality of care. Chris was looking for business tools that would deliver detailed, management-level analysis quickly, and help improve the decision-making process and overall business performance.

The practice

WVC group are a mixed animal practice who take pride in providing high-quality veterinary care and health advice. Across their three locations, WVC group feature the latest digital diagnostic equipment, surgical facilities, and a full range of veterinary services for companion, equine, and farm animals. To help identify opportunities for growth, Chris implemented RxWorks Performance and Sparkline Scorecard.

RxWorks Performance records and automates treatments and services on patient records to help minimise missed charges and improve efficiency. Working with RxWorks, Sparkline Scorecard displays critical information in an easy-to-read dashboard. Once up and running, the tool delivered over 40 Key Performance Indicator’s (KPIs) and over 300 supporting trends in a visual and intuitive way for Chris to identify opportunities for quality of care and growth in his group.

The impact to business performance

“It removes a huge amount of workload, taking me away from being an administrator and elevates me to becoming a business director,” said Chris. The areas that Sparkline Scorecard highlights are brought up in practice meetings where Chris and his team can discuss and manage them as a team to align with their standards of care. This brings a high degree of teamwork, collaboration and buy-in by practice staff and has a significant role in improving the culture within the practice. As a result, there has been a positive impact on customer relations and strong growth in client retention and loyalty. Chris said the level of detail that Sparkline Scorecard provides isn’t possible to obtain manually.

“Even if I spent a week on Excel spreadsheets, I wouldn’t be able to generate the reports I can get from Sparkline at the push of a button on the fifth of each month,” he said. “The accurate, timely and detailed reporting from Sparkline drives the management reports and business insights I have on my clinics and elevates the standards of care in the practice. It highlights our deficiencies and shows opportunities where we can do better.”

The outcome in patient care and growth

There were three core opportunities Chris identified with his Sparkline Scorecard. First, there was a failure to promote products or services. Second, vets underestimated their time and missed billables. Third, their previous practice management solution didn’t automate billables into a complete invoice.

With the extra time and detailed information, Chris was able to increase revenue in the first year by 22%, followed by 11% and 7% in the following years. The tool also helped identify and collect an additional $80,000 in missed consumables charges, and $40,000 in hospitalisation fees in the first year. This additional revenue was then reinvested back into specialist equipment and training over the following years. This had a fantastic impact to client relations and loyalty in the WVC group as practice culture improved.

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