Practical tips and expert advice for closing the digital divide between vets and pet owners.

Veterinarians and their staff understand the challenge of working countless hours to serve the needs of animals and their owners, while also juggling the tasks of running
a business.

Even with this passion and commitment, today’s veterinarians can still find themselves out of sync with customers’ expectations for connectivity, responsiveness, and convenience.

Our new eBook, Take your veterinary practice digital – Getting your practice ready for 2022, will guide you how to close the digital divide between vets and clients.


With this eBook you can:

  • Identify how far is your practice in digital adoption
  • Catch up with evolving consumer behavior
  • Get the tools you need to succeed
  • Execute a well-planned transition to a new digital era

It's not just about making more money or having the newest and the neatest gadgets. We can use digital tools to really make big differences in continuity of care and compliance, and in the human-animal relationship.

Stephanie Foster
Partner, Veterinary Business Builders; National Account Manager, Covetrus

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