Almost everything you need to know about the emerging affects of the experience economy across the veterinary profession.

In this white paper we share new Covetrus™  reports and insights that delve into the impact the experience economy convenience is having on veterinary practices. We cover:

  • What is the experience economy
  • How is it affecting the veterinary profession
  • How to identify long-term, proactive wellness opportunities
  • How to measure the impact of long-term client subscriptions
  • A roadmap to get your veterinary practice started

What is the experience economy? 

The experience economy is the idea that businesses can compete and retain clients by creating an experience clients value. This value or ‘delight’ factor is something unique to your business and reinforced with expertise, technology, and personalised engagement for every patient and client. So how does the veterinarian profession fit into the experience economy?

Veterinarians deliver the best experience for their patients already by focusing on their health and wellness, however, it’s the client that brings the patient back time and time again. The experience economy creates an opportunity for veterinarians to tailor the way they engage with clients, and how practices can create a convenient and frictionless experience with technology, such as online communication channels and automated reminders and recalls. This is to keep clients informed and engaged so they come to your practice for products, services, and advice rather than external industry sources, such as grocery chains and e-commerce retail platforms.

Three experience economy trends changing pet care

You’ve no doubt seen and felt some significant changes happening in pet care and wellness in the last couple of years. This is being felt from animal health advancements within the industry to the way veterinary staff communicate and engage with pet owners before, during, and after a patient consult.

Learn more in our blog and infographic here

Preventative treatments versus reactive patient care

An industry-wide pain point for veterinary professionals is they can be restricted by pet owners to reactive care, rather than proactive care. Consistent patient history record-keeping and visibility over the patient’s health and wellbeing when they visit a veterinary clinic is difficult if client retention rates are low.

Understanding what is happening in industries surrounding the veterinary profession can help identify new opportunities to not only retain clients, but improve compliance and financial stability by focusing on long-term wellness plans for patients.

How to offer veterinary loyalty programs without discounting

Veterinary loyalty program rewards and discounts can be a fine line to tread when caring for patients and creating a great client expereince. The veterinary profession advocates for preventative care and welless, however, are continuously challenged with reactive care for when companion pets are already facing an illness or injury.

One group of veterinary clinics has started on their journey working towards this equilibrium of creating a veterinary loyalty program based on proactive patient health, not discounts.

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