Wallace Vets are an independent, family-owned, small-animal veterinary practice based in Carnoustie, Broughty Ferry and Arbroath in the east coast of Scotland.

Founded by Jim Wallace in 2004, its vision was to offer high-quality independent care at affordable prices. In 2013, Wallace Vet’s was bought over by Niall Morton, a senior vet, who has continued to invest in staff, state-of-the art equipment and technology to cater to its vision and further its reach to the community across the east of Scotland. Since then, they have opened up an additional two practices with 47 members of staff, taking care of over 9,500 animals.

The need for seamless internal communication at a multi-site practice to keep up with rapid expansion, as well as embodying customer service at every step of the way is at the heart of why Wallace Vets use RoboVet and Rapport. It is an efficient and high-performing practice management system (PMS) and communication tool  that supports their efforts in better staff collaboration and enhanced client engagement.


Expanding and growing using RoboVet

Graham Duff, Operations Manager at Wallace Vets manages the “commercial” side of the practice, allowing vets to focus on taking care of the patients. He focused on finding an innovative practice management solution that would facilitate their expansion and outreach to the Scottish community.

“We were venturing into new territory when we opened a second practice, with staff working across two locations. I needed to know that what we were putting in was going to work, mainly as communication tool. I needed everyone to feel like they were one team working across multiple locations, instead of individual teams in difference practices.”

Graham Duff, Operations Manager at Wallace Vets

For him and his team, it could help them

  • Embrace innovation
  • Improve internal collaboration
  • Revitalize external client communication
  • Provide automation, efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Increase rates of customer compliance, form fill-outs and response rates


Customers feel valued in every way

One of the biggest benefits has been around matching their ethos and mission “To communicate with our clients at every step of the their pets’ journey through our practice.”

By using Rapport, the client and communication tool within Rapport, powerful features such as SMS allows them to keep clients up-to-speed and they use our Marketing Consultants to help them with bigger announcements and changes such as a “Creating Insurance Claims” campaign and addressing the cat vaccine shortage with important information for their customers.  

“We also use SMS for client updates, we have a 24 hour model with vets and nurses working overnight. And we want to keep them informed and add value, for example,  if a client is away to work, we can text them with an update and keep them informed on their pet is doing and hence aligning with our ethos.”


Ready and reliable

Overall, Wallace Vets also enjoy Rapport for the heavy-lifting and automation it does on behalf of the team. Its time-saving abilities (eight hours per month) and being the crutch means things like vaccination and treatment reminders are taken care of as well as covering for any absences.

“It was a horrible manual task before, where we had to create the reminders and upload them to a completely different system each time. It might have taken a day’s worth of pulling spreadsheets and loading them into the system, just to remind clients to pick up prescriptions. Eight hours a month doesn’t seem like a big deal, but time could be better spent. If, for any reason, you forgot to set up reminders, it obviously has an impact from a compliance point of view, but also, from a business point of view, for revenue coming in the door too.”

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