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Refer and earn!

As a valued Covetrus® partner, we know you have a rich network of colleagues, clinics, and like-minded peers who share the same goal—providing animals with great care.

The Covetrus Sharing is Caring Referral Program allows you to earn up to $50 and give $50 in rewards while helping amazing clinics like yours realize their potential for complete veterinary care.

How does it work?

  1. Submit a referral for Covetrus solutions.
  2. We’ll contact your colleague to set up a demo.
  3. You both receive Amazon gift cards once the demo is delivered.*

*Veterinarians will receive $50 gift cards while clinic staff will receive $35 gift cards. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

Terms and Conditions:

Promotion is not a reward for, or otherwise in exchange for, any past, present, or future business. Covetrus reserves the right to discontinue this promotional program at any time. All applicable federal, state, and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the practice. Other terms and conditions may apply. Participating in a promotional program (e.g., points, discount redemptions or other special awards) is only permissible in accordance with promotional program rules. Veterinarians will be awarded $50 Amazon gift cards for their participation as a referrer or referee. Other clinic staff will be awarded $35 Amazon gift cards for their participation as a referrer. Only veterinarians are eligible for an award as a referee. Individuals can only be compensated for a maximum of two referrals in a calendar year. Individuals will only be compensated once as a referee but they may refer other parties and receive compensation for referrals. Total compensation per individual is capped at $100 monetary value per calendar year. By participating in such promotional program, you agree that, to your knowledge, your veterinary practice complies with all program requirements. Veterinary practices are not eligible to participate in this promotional program if they are affiliated with or a part of a municipal, state, or federal government agency, or located outside of the United States.

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