City Paws Home Health is a fully mobile small animal veterinary practice that services the Columbus, Ohio, area.

Although the veterinarians and the practice team have an office to use as a base, being mobile means a large proportion of time is spent on the road seeing patients. This has obvious benefits for both customer service and practice revenue.

City Paws Home Health Director of Patient Care, Linda Melroy, says this mobility was a big factor when choosing to move from their previous practice information management solution (PIMS), VetBlue, to eVetPractice®.

“We wanted a cloud-based system because we’re mobile, and we need to be able to access the system no matter where we are.” – Linda Melroy

Cloud solution offers mobility and cost saving

Aside from mobility, a cloud solution like eVetPractice offers several benefits over traditional server-based software. These include greater flexibility and anytime, anywhere availability without the need for expensive hardware.

Designed from scratch by close collaboration between veterinary professionals and software developers, eVetPractice also offers automated backups and software upgrades, as well as the ability to link multiple locations without hard-wired connections – all of which significantly reduce costs compared with server-based software programs. It also improves administrative and medical record workflows.

City Paws Home Health has been with eVetPractice since 2016, and Linda’s favorite feature is its seamless integration with Google Maps.

One-click access to Google Maps navigation

“We love that we can just click on the Google Maps icon within eVetPractice and this launches the map immediately. It makes life so much easier than having to type in the address, and it makes our team a lot more efficient,” she says.

“It’s also quicker and easier to work out travel time to a client, which is great for time management.”

Linda explains that she enjoys being able to work remotely several days a week and still operate as effectively – and even more so – than if she was working from a static location. eVetPractice works on any device with an internet connection, so she is able to operate in a truly paperless way.

“While we have regular practice meetings at our office, and hold our medications there, I can work just as efficiently from home as if I was on-site. I can access eVetPractice, and answer phones, send and reply to emails and schedule appointments,” she says.

“Even if I’m out of town and can’t get back for any reason, or I’m away on vacation, I can still access client and patient records.”

Linda and the City Paws Home Health team have built mobility into their daily workflow. “We start the day by jumping on the computer and seeing what’s in the calendar  for the day,” she explains. “We then start patient visits, with one of us doing SOAP notes while the other is driving. In traditional practices, doctors often go back at the end of the day and do their notes – we do them there and then.

Multi-tasking possible between appointments

“This is a huge time saving,” she says. “We can literally do all the administration – including callbacks – while we’re on the road.”

She says that clients also like that their practice is paperless, as all correspondence – including invoices – come straight from the client record and can be sent and received almost instantly.

Linda also likes the user-friendliness of eVetPractice. She and her colleagues have all worked on various practice management solutions over the course of their veterinary careers, and eVetPractice is extremely intuitive.

They received training from the eVetPractice team during initial set up too, which helped smooth the transition. The online help chat feature let them get answers to any questions quickly and easily.

She and the team also appreciate the software’s reporting functionality. “We can quickly go into the accounts at any time and see how the practice has performed financially for the day, or over the month, which helps us keep our finger on the pulse,” she says.

This information also carries through to the patient portal, where clients can access their pet’s records online anytime, anywhere.

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