5 Ways to Jumpstart Practice Performance

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3 September 2021 5 min read


Here are five quick tips to help increase the profitability of your practice – without resorting to unsustainable growth tactics.

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1.Elevate the experience For a low-cost, high-impact solution, find opportunities to personalize and enhance the client experience. Foster relationships by greeting patients by name or offering enhanced Curbside Care. Whatever you choose, consistency is key – so start small and repeat. When clients have a positive experience they’ll come back, spend more, and tell their friends.

2. Offer wellness plans “Pet parents” continue to invest in proactive care. Wellness plans capitalize on these clients’ evolving expectations and present flexible options for pet owners and veterinary practices. Customizable plans give pet parents peace of mind, help your practice provide better care and generate valuable recurring revenue.

3. Fix your pharmacy Reviewing and approving Rx requests from third-parties can cost practices an estimated 1.4 hours* of staff time – every day. That’s time most practices can’t afford to lose. Digital scripts and integrated prescription management can help your practice win back revenue from online pharmacies, protect your most valuable relationships and deliver exceptional care.

4. Encourage organic growth People are more likely to follow a recommendation from a friend (or even strangers online) than marketing. It can cost up to 5x more to attract a new customer than retain an existing one, so make it easy for happy clients to share their experience by adding links to client communications and encouraging clients to engage with your practice on social media.

5. Membership Loyalty Practices use loyalty programs and promotions to reward customers, but this can result in significant lost revenue and risk prioritizing short-term shoppers over long-term clients. Meanwhile, membership-style programs (including wellness plans) foster lasting bonds while boosting both compliance and revenues.

*Covetrus® Veterinary Practice Survey, August 2021


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This is a new benchmark for veterinarians to truly manage prescriptions for the entire life of the pet. Best of all, the data proves the positive economic impact. – Denise Tumblin, CPA, WTA Veterinary Consultants


The software has made my practice so easy to run, saved me tons of money and is so dependable. The customer support is available with a live chat anytime you are having an issue and they bend over backwards to help you. I can’t say enough good things about this software. – Dr. James Drooker, Owner/Doctor – Clinique Vétérinaire de Pointe St-Charles – Montréal, QC

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