Flynn’s Talk & Covetrus: a partnership to help break down mental health stigma

21 January 2022 3 min read


As part of our efforts to tackle the mental health stigma and cultivate an open, supportive and nourishing environment for individuals in the veterinary industry, we work with many partners across the globe.

Our compassionate care ethos is something that we’ve proudly embodied to help others amplify their voice and get important messages out in the world. In our interview with Georgia Wraight, Executive Vice President at Covetrus, she speaks about raising awareness and not sweeping things under the rug.

So it is our pleasure to extend our branches, to support and work with Flynn’s Talk, from Flynn’s Walk. The Flynn’s Talk & Covetrus partnership means that we are helping increase the exposure of Flynn’s Talk podcast episodes, content and message. We’ll be their partner for 2022 promoting their podcast episodes for the year.

Flynn’s Walk was formed to help break down the stigma surrounding mental health and wellbeing, and in particular, asking for help. Through their public walk events, they’re raising the profile of veterinary mental health and educating the community about how they can have a positive effect during their vet visit and build genuine relationships with their pets’ primary caregivers.

Their podcast series Flynn’s Talk celebrates the amazing diversity in veterinary medicine and shines a light on the realities of working across the entire animal care field – be it in a small animal hospital, emergency centre, shelter or lab. They feature conversations with clinical and non-clinical vets, vet nurses, industry leaders, mental health professionals and other community champions. All in the name of celebrating the contribution that vets and other vet staff make to our communities, and to the lives of our pets.

What’s important and interesting to Covetrus is being able to assist in telling personal stories and the lives of veterinary staff through their own eyes and lived experiences. Changing public perception of veterinary medicine is important and more pet owner education is needed. Doing so might help encourage communities and pet parents to inspire empathy, understanding and much needed patience and support. Even if it means showing more gratitude and kindness in their exchange with their vets – this can make a huge difference to the vet’s capacity and purpose in doing their very heroic jobs.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Flynn’s walk to help make these things possible. If you have any queries or wish to donate, participate, learn more and support, check out the resources below on all mental health charities around the world.


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