How Covetrus helps your practice

Easy prescribing
Prescribe from your office or the field and ship anywhere.
Productive workflows
Connect all the areas of your practice for a seamless customer experience.
Client communication
Market your practice and bring more pet owners through your door.
Integrate all the tools you need to run a modern veterinary practice.

Whether you're a practice of 5 or 50, we'll help you generate repeat business, improve care, build customer relationships, and grow financially.

Comprehensive prescription management

Bring one of the world’s largest veterinary pharmacies into your practice for standard prescriptions, preventatives, diets and custom compounded medications.

Practice management software

Our veterinary practice management software and services streamline your business, drive customers to your door, grow practice revenue, improve efficiency, and keep your staff productive and happy.

Integrated software and hardware

Integrated veterinary products and services make it easy to monitor your business while delivering highly personal, relevant, and timely patient care.

Integrating veterinary practices with key technology partners

A secure, permissions-based integration platform that connects Covetrus practice management software with most major partner services and apps, covering areas such as prescription and appointment management, business analytics, client engagement, diagnostics, and training.

Practice computers
Pet parents

Largest formulary of veterinary compounded medications

Fulfill compounded backorder solutions, patient-specific customized medications, and in-clinic use medications through our online platform.

Atlas Pharmaceuticals

FDA-registered 503B outsourcing pharmacy facility offering sterile and non-sterile drugs for in-office use. PCI DSS Compliant. PCAB Accredited. Legit Script approved.

Roadrunner Pharmacy

The nation’s leading compounding pharmacy, providing high-quality compounds, proprietary dose forms, and next-day shipping.

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