Dr Selena Steiner, principal veterinarian and practice owner, and her husband Dr Seungho Kim (veterinarian), purchased the Cleveland Veterinary Clinic in 2004. Based in Queensland, Australia, its three clinics cater to a mixed demography from older families to a younger population.

After transforming its clinics from a paperbased practice to digitised high-functioning clinics, Steiner continues to invest in practice growth, evolution and success across her clinics. She wanted to maintain an attractive environment for her employees (33 and counting) as well as the best of care for her clients and patients.

Solid foundation critical to practice growth

As an early adopter of RxWorks, the Cleveland Veterinary Clinic knew it would serve them well to be a paperless practice from the get-go. Since inception from 2004, Steiner had specifically chosen RxWorks for its reputation and didn’t want to cut corners when it came to selecting a practice management system. Her policy is to always go with the premium brand and market leader and she didn’t want to “scrimp” on these things – she never looked back.

Steiner’s practice evolved with the software and has over-time found it to be reliable, stable, functional and without a hitch across its three practices.

For their clinic, RxWorks offers:

  • A better client experience
  • Reliability and stability
  • Automated functions to improve operational efficiencies such as appointment reminders and reusable templates
  • Improved client communication and retention
  • A paperless experience with functions such as VetCheck
  • A supportive environment for employees
  • Remote control for a multi-site practice
  • Integrated software and hardware
  • Integrated key technology partners
quotation marks in green One of my managers dedicates her time to stock control and is passionate about RxWorks. This automation has meant savings are significant and being able to manage three practices remotely takes away the stress of running a multi-site practice. quotation marks in green

Dr Selena Steiner

A sound, integrated ecosystem that saves time and drives performance

With the practice management system’s integrated capabilities – a secure, permissions-based platform that partners with other technology providers – it has served Cleveland Veterinary Clinic well.

Everything from PetYeti (appointment bookings/recalls and reminders), to Tyro (EFTPOS integrated payments), allows their clinic to stay modern and offer its clients a better veterinary customer care experience.

From the beginning, Steiner’s team recognized the efficiencies in operational set-up from uploading purchases to increasing pricing regularly and managing inventory; and everything else that needed to be automated.

As part of the supportive ecosystem, Covetrus’ recent investments in customer care and technology support in its implementation efforts, learning and training are enjoyed by Steiner’s Team.

quotation marks in green There’s been more people in support with a background in the industry so they speak our language now, they understand our problems and there’s a lot of compassion and improvement in that area. quotation marks in green

RxWorks helps employees flourish and perform

It is without a doubt that all successful businesses value and invest in their best assets – their employees. The Cleveland Veterinary Clinic take pride in this as they devote time and money into their staff with monthly training and leadership programs.

RxWorks helps attract and retain recruits. For new graduates, it’s a brand name they know. Steiner’s team find it to be very intuitive and is often second nature which makes it easy to train new graduates. Everything from its imaging functions, to easily reusable templates that can be modified e.g. dental and eye templates; and flagging required return visits, comes in handy for the teams.

This foundation, usability and strong functionality make it easy for her team to perform well and crack on with their jobs which can be extremely busy and time squeezed. It has become somewhat of an enabler for their employees.

quotation marks in green As a practice, we’re still keen to grow, we now have a big emphasis on management and leadership. We have management team of four people and in they are in their third year of Lincoln Institute Training, as well as monthly training for our teams. We also have a big emphasis on the team’s mental health.
We want to be seen as good employers, so we have a good offering to our new graduates and senior vets. We want to grow these platforms and leaders, as well as having a well-managed work environment and clinic. quotation marks in green

Dr Selena Steiner

Better marketing and increased client retention

On the marketing front, a multitude of functions come in handy for Steiner’s team from integrating wellness plans to automated client communication.

As part of the clinic’s efforts, they found the biggest jump in revenue when the SMS appointment reminder program kicked into gear and expect to see a 10% increase. Recalls such as thyroid and kidney disease reminders, have helped the practice in their growth phase as well as the demand in a COVID-19 world.

Functions like VetCheck which provides a suite of veterinary forms, patient care videos and handouts to share with customers, provide added value for them and makes their jobs that little bit easier to communicate with clients.

As a superuser and with 20 years of using Covetrus’ practice management system, the reliability and seamless, high-functioning nature of RxWorks has worked well across Cleveland’s three sites, contributing to its overall ecosystem and success.

quotation marks in green For dental month, we were able to easily set this up as part of our care plans. It was quick, simple and easy. Other things include our twice for life program and regular communications around COVID-19. The outsourcing offering gives us the capacity to do things we’ve not been able to do before. The SMS function makes all the difference us in terms of communicating with clients and improving our retention rate in the practice as well as reducing no shows. quotation marks in green

Dr Selena Steiner

Looking ahead

Looking ahead to the future, the Cleveland Veterinary Clinic will leverage more of RxWorks’ functionality, such as using the performance and analytics capabilities, which will help support their practice growth and drive better business decision-making.


Key findings

Automated functions improving operational efficiencies

Improved client communication and retention

Paperless experience with VetCheck

Strong client experience

Supportive environment for employees

Remote control for a multi-site practice