Our eBook, Navigating What’s Next: How to Manage Change in Your Veterinary Practice, will give you deep insights into how to effectively lead your team through transition.

Covetrus has created a simple how-to resource to help you and your team transform with the times.

Get the latest new tips and insights into:

  • Recognising the need for change and identifying the signs to watch out for
  • Setting goals and managing staff expectations to make sure everyone is onboard
  • Effectively managing change initiatives to deliver results that advance your practice

We’re here to help you navigate change

Covetrus brings together products, services and technology in single platform that connects our customers to the solutions and insights they need to compete and thrive in a modern veterinary practice.  Are you prepared for what change may bring?  Check out the video, then get the eBook.

4 ways to take control of change

  • Recognise when change is necessary
  • Ensure staff are prepared for the shift
  • Take charge of the change process
  • Stay on top of changing trends


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