AVImark conversion process


How does the conversion process work?


Each software conversion is done in two passes: a First Pass and a Final Pass. The First Pass acts as a “trial run” and gives you the opportunity to set up your hardware, begin the basic setup of the software, and begin data transfer and backups. The Final Pass updates your client and patient records from the time your First Pass backup was made.

Note that the time between the First and Final Pass is a great opportunity to start training your staff on the software. Your template reminders will also be set up between your first and final pass.

Once we receive and convert your final data backup, your conversion process is complete!

What do we convert for you?


We convert your current client information, patient information, medical history, treatment list and inventory list to work with your new AVImark software. Please click here for the full list of converted information.

What is the timeline for the process?


First Pass (Trial Run) – Timeline: 3-5 Weeks

  • Data Cleanup: You clean up and delete inactive patients, close open invoices, etc.
  • Data Transfer: You make a data backup and send it to us for conversion.
  • Initial Setup: You set up any new hardware and begin basic software setup and training.

Data Review – Timeline: 3 Weeks

  • First Pass Review: You review the accuracy of your data and make a final data backup.

Final Pass (Go Live) – Timeline: 1-2 Days

  • Final Backup: You upload your data to our secure FTP site or ship us your final backup. We convert the data the very next day.
  • Go Live!: We convert your final data export and ensure a smooth start to using your new software.