License transfer


License transfer eligibility


Covetrus is pleased to accept the transfer of a software license from the original owner to another party for any of the following products:

Practice management software

  • Advantage Plus
  • AVImark
  • Pulse
  • DVM Manager
  • ImproMed Equine (Triple Crown)
  • ImproMed (Infinity)
  • Vetech Advantage

Client communication services

  • Rapport

To be eligible for a transfer of license the following conditions must be met:

  • The original owner’s entire practice must be sold. The software cannot be sold as a single item.
  • The License Ownership Transfer Agreement must be completely filled out and signed by both the seller and purchaser. All sections on the form need to be completed.

License transfer instructions


Review the software end user license agreement 

The purchasing owner must read and understand the End User License Agreement (EULA) before signing the License Ownership Transfer Agreement.

Please review the appropriate agreements here before proceeding.

Complete and sign the license ownership transfer agreement 

Covetrus must receive the License Ownership Transfer Agreement for the license transfer process to begin. Please read these instructions carefully and ensure ALL fields on the License Ownership Transfer Agreement are filled out completely.

  • Download the License Ownership Transfer Agreement.
  • The selling owner must complete and sign Part I.
  • The purchasing owner must complete and sign Part II and remainder of the form.

Note: If the selling owner is not able to sign the License Ownership Transfer Agreement, Covetrus will accept a bill of sale signed by the selling owner. The bill of sale must include a list of assets included in the sale and it must specifically state the name of the software being transferred. If the bill of sale was signed by someone other than the original owner, legal documentation will be required showing the individual has the right to sign on behalf of the original owner. Covetrus will also accept a Power of Attorney’s signature if the selling owner has passed away. Proof of Power of Attorney must be submitted with the License Ownership Transfer Agreement.

Once all completed paperwork is submitted to Covetrus, please expect 5 to 10 business days for processing. If you have additional questions, please call 855-266-5864.