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12 December 2022 5 min read



Episode 5 - How Can You Connect Pet Parents to Reliable Information?

Pet parents are seeking reliable health information about their pets — but are they finding it? When surveyed, 56% of pet parents said their top sources of information were pet retailers and the internet, rather than their vet. Given this reality, how can busy veterinary professionals take a more active role in connecting pet parents to reliable content?

In this episode of Covetrus® Connected Care, we talk with Wendy Toth, publisher of Great Pet Care, an educational site for pet parents that’s part of Covetrus, and Dr. Hanie Elfenbein, an emergency services veterinarian and frequent contributor to Great Pet Care.*

Because pet parents are going online to look up symptoms or research an illness — either before, after or even during their vet clinic visit — Dr. Elfenbein says the information they find there should be reliable and understandable to the average animal lover.

“I think it's important to be able to really meet those pet parents where they're at for both the health of the animal and for the compliance of recommendations,” Dr. Elfenbein says. “With content like Great Pet Care, I can be confident that well-researched informative information is available as a reliable resource for pet parents.”

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Additional information:

*Wendy Toth is a Covetrus employee and Dr. Elfenbein is a paid contributor to Great Pet Care.