Why 3,000+ Veterinary Practices Said Yes to vOS

We explore the world of animal health and the technologies connecting veterinarians, pet parents and the animals we love.

30 May 2023 5 min read



Episode 8 – Why 3,000+ Veterinary Practices Said Yes to vOS

Around a year ago, Covetrus® launched a first-of-its-kind solution called Covetrus Pulse, a cloud-based veterinary operating system or vOS. Since then, Pulse has helped veterinary practitioners serve over 3.5 million patients across more than 14.6 million appointments.

But what is a vOS? And, importantly, amid today’s demands, how has the Pulse technology improved the lives of veterinary practitioners and the animals they care for?

In this episode, Benny Estes, Director of Product Management at Covetrus, shares real-world insights gleaned from the practices that have been using Pulse. He describes how Pulse helps address many of today’s pain points in veterinary medicine, including:

Whether you’re a practice owner, doctor or veterinary technician, this episode is full of actionable learnings gained from veterinary professionals just like you.

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