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18 September 2023 5 min read


Which of today’s technologies could make a meaningful impact on the health of your patients and your practice? We invite you to listen to an encore presentation of our interview with Eric Garcia*, an internationally recognized digital and information technology strategist who works exclusively with veterinary practices.

Episode 15 – Encore Presentation - Three Steps to Gain Efficiency and Increase Loyalty (Without Hiring)

Addressing the demands of today’s pet parents can seem daunting, and expanding your staff may not be an option. This episode outlines three technological changes that can make a measurable impact on your veterinary practice, your team and your pet patients.

In this episode, Eric guides us through the current state of the industry. To meet today’s demands and prep for the future, he encourages practices to consider technological changes before hiring.

“I always tell practices that before you look at adding more bodies into your practice, look and see what you can do to make your practice more efficient, to make sure that you're using the right technology,” Eric says in the episode.

He also offers three practical steps to help team members to be more accepting of new technologies — so you can take advantage of today's opportunities.

You can follow Eric anywhere on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn using the handle @EricGarciaFL.

*Eric was compensated for his insights.