Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital is a full-service clinic based in Bridgeport, PA, that offers the full range of pet care services you’d expect from a modern practice, as well as nutritional expertise, animal behavioral counselling and a full-service pharmacy.

The practice launched within the past twelve months and is already experiencing strong demand from clients in the Bridgeport community and surrounding area. To manage its busy operation, Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital chose eVetPractice as its practice  management software. Like other practices who have selected eVetPractice, they are enjoying the flexibility and freedom that its digital cloud-based solution offers.

When the opportunity was presented for Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital to combine eVetPractice’s practice management power with the inventory and distribution strength of Covetrus North America, the decision was made to proceed with the integration.

Covetrus integration boosts inventory management

Bridgeport Practice Manager Jamie Poole says, “We chose a server-based software initially because our principal veterinarian was familiar with it and it’s really easy to use. We then switched over to the cloud option and were subsequently offered the opportunity to beta test the Covetrus integration. I could see it would really benefit our inventory management.”

Jamie describes how each order would previously need to follow a series of steps before it was received in eVetPractice’s inventory system. “Having everything under the Covetrus ‘shop’ button simplifies things incredibly. I don’t have to process an order through multiple steps any longer—all I have to do now is check it in.”

Because Covetrus integrates seamlessly with eVetPractice the functionality is very intuitive. This means that she is able to delegate the important responsibility for inventory control and management to her team members, which frees her up to manage the practice operation at a higher level. She can now direct her skills and experience to where they are most valuable, including staff management and customer service.

“I can go away on vacation and have peace of mind that all the orders coming through the practice will continue to be checked in smoothly,” she says. She adds that another great feature of the Covetrus-eVetPractice integration is that she and her team members can also contact their Covetrus North America salesperson directly with an order and then the order information updates in their inventory immediately.

“I don’t have to process an order through multiple steps any longer—all I have to do now is check it in.” —Jamie Poole, Practice Manager

Order processing time cut in half

“We would previously spend up to ten minutes processing an order. With Covetrus this time has been cut in half.”

As a veterinary start-up, Jamie says they operate as a ‘just in time’ supplier of veterinary products. This means they don’t have to hold large volumes of expensive stock. Instead, it is shipped as their clients require it—arriving at their door within 2-3 days. “This keeps our costs down and means we can offer a full range of products to our clients,” she explains.

What’s next?

The next step in Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital’s eVetPractice success story is the launch of their online pharmacy platform in August 2019.

The bottom line

To be able to send a prescription drug via our online pharmacy platform to a client not only benefits the client, it also benefits us as we recapture the revenue from the online sales  of pharmacy and other pet-related products as well as ensure better compliance with pet prescriptions and preventive health. And our pet owners still have the convenience of online shopping.

“It’s impossible for a clinic—especially one like us, who does just in time ordering—to hold 20,000 products in stock, or even 20 flea and tick products,” she says.

“Dogs and cats are picky, so it’s nice to be able to say to our clients: We may not have the product you want on the shelf, but I can get it to you in two to three days via our online pharmacy platform” —Jamie Poole, Practice Manager

“It lets us offer thousands of products than we would otherwise be able to.”

Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital is enjoying the tremendous practice efficiency and profitability that comes from their ‘trifecta’ integration of eVetPractice, Covetrus’ North America inventory and distribution and Global Prescription Management.

The same integration is available with other practice management software too, apart from eVetPractice. This means most modern veterinary practices can benefit from the seamless combination of these essential practice management tools.

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