Hometown Veterinary Hospital has always prided itself on being a progressive, family-oriented, mixed animal practice. But when the hospital nearly doubled in size after moving into a larger building in October 2017, owner Daniel Plunkett, DVM, knew the team would need top-notch computer software to keep up with the practice’s growth and technology needs.

The right software and training solutions

Dr. Plunkett had previous experience with our practice management software, so he knew that his technology choice would have a huge impact on his business. “After graduating from vet school, I worked at practices that used different systems. Once I used your software, I loved it! It was so much easier, so I knew this would be the right choice for us.”

The computer system Hometown had been using previously was only set up at the reception desk; paper files were used throughout the rest of the hospital.

Having a trainer right there to answer questions and walk us through things was a smart move. —Dr. Plunkett

This proved inefficient when a question or discrepancy arose about something in a patient’s record, because a doctor or technician had to go to the front desk to confirm any details. Similarly, if something was documented incorrectly — or not at all — in a patient’s record, it took time and effort to address the issue. Dr. Plunkett knew that the system the practice used going forward would have to perform better.

Additionally, setting up a new system quickly and training staff to use it was another area of concern. Losing several days for setup and training wasn’t an option for Hometown; the practice needed a solution that would enable the team to get up and running quickly and facilitate the smoothest possible transition. Recognizing this need, Dr. Plunkett chose live, on-site training. “Online or telephone training were options, but live training made more sense for us,” he said. “Having a trainer right there to answer questions and walk us through things was a smart move.”

What are the benefits?

Finding a software solution that streamlines important clinic tasks and services was an important step for Hometown. Now, daily procedures like tracking inventory, maintaining patient records, and managing employees’ hours are much easier.

“Our new software system addresses so many of our concerns. It’s a one-stop shop for everything we need.” —Dr. Plunkett

He’s also happy with the system’s efficiency and appreciates how easy it is now for the reception desk to communicate with the rest of the practice.

The benefits of onsite training were evident almost immediately. “We knew we had access to the initial training service for a few weeks, but we didn’t use it that much or for that long,” Dr. Plunkett said. “Our trainer was there for three days. She was very professional and walked us through everything we needed to know. Afterward, we had a few questions here and there, but that was really it.”

Since Hometown’s transition, the practice team has experienced only minor software issues, but Dr. Plunkett notes that a quick phone call is usually all it takes for a quick resolution.

The bottom line

With cutting-edge software solutions and superb in-person training, we made a big difference when Hometown Veterinary Hospital was expanding and needed a partner to meet its needs.

What’s next?

Dr. Plunkett hopes to implement some of our other solutions, like automated reminders, online scheduling, and text messaging, to further streamline those important client services.

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