Webster Groves Animal Hospital and Urgent Care Center is a busy, AAHA-accredited 24-doctor practice in St. Louis, Missouri.

Webster Groves is housed in a two-story facility equipped with the latest veterinary medical technology, including digital radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy, state-of-the-art surgical suites, and an extensive in-house laboratory. It also offers a wide range of animal hospital services, including boarding.

The Webster Groves team of skilled veterinarians performs a wide range of surgical procedures, from routine spay and neuter procedures to complex orthopedic surgeries and tumor removals.

AVImark chosen for customizable features and unlimited seats

When it came time to upgrade their practice management software to keep up with their expanding business, Webster Groves selected industry-leading AVImark from Covetrus to support their growth and drive clinic productivity and efficiency.

“We decided to switch to AVImark because of the features of the program,” says Angel Venegoni, Webster Groves Hospital Administrator. “There were many more features to it than our previous program. For example, we had more customization options with features such as the whiteboard, and also with how we pay our doctors and their commissions.”

Another feature the Webster Groves team enjoys is that the license comes with unlimited seats. This means the hospital can continue on its current growth trajectory without having to worry about the cost and administration that comes with monitoring and paying for additional seat licenses.

“When we switched to AVImark we were very surprised that it was such an economical purchase,” confirms Angel Venegoni. “One of the benefits is that we weren’t having to buy more licenses to take full advantage of all the program.”

Right-click functionality drives speed and efficiency

In a fast-paced hospital like Webster Groves, speed and efficiency are essential for maintaining the highest possible standards of care and client satisfaction. AVImark offers all of the powerful standard features expected of leading software, including electronic medical records, appointment and boarding calendars, patient reminders, dental charts, estimates and invoicing, financial reporting, and other key tools that support paperless practices.

On top of these, it also offers client information display, comprehensive treatment list, inventory management, lab integrations, mobile clinic, practice analysis tool, S.O.A.P, wellness plans, whiteboard, and worklists. Best of all, many of these features can be driven with simple right-click functionality.

“The ease of use is one of the best parts about AVImark,” explains Angel. “It’s a simple rightclick program, which allows us to be faster and more efficient.”

She adds that the advanced whiteboard feature is one she and her team didn’t expect to start using until some time after implementation. However, they realized the benefits of this tool early on and have now customized it to the point that they can track where staff and clients are in the practice at any time.

Customized whiteboard provides instant visibility

“We have developed the system to where it shows exactly what exam room a client is in, and what time the doctors go in and come out. There’s a time clock that allows us to see how long a client has been here. This is important because it keeps us on our toes. We want to make sure we’re keeping clients happy with our service and check them in and out in the most efficient manner.”

Aside from keeping every staff member up to date on patient activities and statuses, another great benefit of the AVImark Whiteboard is that it drastically reduces the potential for missed charges.

Angel says she and her team haven’t looked back since replacing their previous solution with AVImark. “Compared to the other Customized whiteboard provides instant visibility program, AVImark stacks up very highly. It is so much easier to use and it was very simple to make the conversion.

“It all comes down to helping the client. And, if we can be as efficient as possible, it’s better for business,” she adds.

Angel is also extremely complimentary about the AVImark team. “We enjoy working with them because they are willing to listen and help the program become better, as we as veterinarians and the industry change.

“It’s a company that enjoys what they do and their passion is to make it better. Aside from the features in the program, that was why we elected to make the switch to them.”

The bottom line

Webster Groves Animal Hospital’s AVImark solution is supported by comprehensive training, so the team can get the most from their software investment.

With most veterinary practices using only about 20% of their practice management software, AVImark offers a customized training program to help staff members grow their utilization while gaining efficiencies in a short space of time.

Practices like Webster Groves are saving $3,000, $5,000, and even $10,000 per year by using AVImark to automate manual, administrative tasks. This frees up staff members to spend more meaningful time with clients and patients, which, in turn, brings greater job satisfaction.

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