RxWorks with RxWorks Performance provides a comprehensive veterinary practice management solution with superior pricing control and detailed reporting. Superior technical support ensures business continuity.


Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery is a general veterinary practice based in the Fraser Coast region of Queensland. It focuses primarily on small animals, but the team also caters for large animal and equine patients.

This large and busy practice comprises 23 staff, with five full-time veterinarians. Most of the support team are veterinary technicians, who handle a high workload, with a range of complex cases. They also conduct advanced surgery, including orthopaedics, with a number of referrals from other practices in the Fraser Coast area.

Practice Management Solution needed to support practice expansion

Practice Manager Narissa Corfe describes how Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery is experiencing significant growth, including an expanding caseload that required additional staff and the move to new, larger premises.

“We needed practice management software that would support our expansion. In particular, we wanted a platform that would help us manage our pricing better and give us detailed management-level analysis of what was going on in our practice.”

Narissa and her team settled on RxWorks with RxWorks Performance and Sparkline Scorecard, which was implemented in late 2018.

RxWorks is a well-known practice management solution for optimising practice revenues and streamlining processes and workflows, while RxWorks Performance reduces the risk of error by providing over 5,000 predefined ‘bundles’ or procedures.

Combined, these Covetrus® software products promised to provide Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery with improved workflows and lift profitability to support their growth.

“RxWorks has been around for a long time and it is a tried and true product,” explains Narissa. “It has stood the test of time.”

“We also concluded we needed RxWorks Performance, as we needed a product to help us with accurate pricing. With RxWorks Performance you can base your charging structure on your exact outgoings, so you don’t risk under-charging, or pricing yourself out of the market,” she adds.

Detailed real-time analytics give insights to improve practice performance

With the RxWorks practice management solution, Narissa can now see exactly where each member of her team is at any given time, as well as the trends on how they’re consulting.

“I can look at any of the practice vets, for example, and see what they prioritise in a consult. I can say ‘you’re doing a fantastic job with nutrition or vaccines, but I can see you don’t have a huge dental component in your recommendations,” she explains. This allows the team to focus on, and improve, in specific areas.

Another important factor in selecting RxWorks was its ability to integrate seamlessly with other leading veterinary software and hardware. “We love how RxWorks integrates with controlled substance logs, for example, and pulls in the results from internal and external labs,” Narissa explains.

“Being able to handle integrations is key if you aspire to be a progressive practice. Large groups like Vet Partners and Green Cross are leading by example and demonstrating that they prize digital technology.”

“We love how RxWorks integrates with controlled substance logs and pulls in the results from internal and external labs.”

Tech support provides vital reassurance for business continuity

A big attraction for Narissa and her team is the high level of tech support they receive from the Covetrus team, 24 hours a day. “While we don’t often need to utilise tech support after hours, it is invaluable when we need to work after hours, including during stocktake,” she says.

“The tech support provided by the Covetrus RxWorks team is second to none. Any time I have a question, or I’m working on a big project, I can contact tech support and have a resolution within minutes.”

She adds that another key reason for selecting RxWorks is that she had full control and autonomy over the pre-launch of the product in her practice. “I was able to describe to the implementation team exactly how I wanted my reminders and reports set up,” she explains.

Narissa says she has enjoyed the ability to control stock and pricing better with RxWorks by eliminating human error. “I can now bundle charges for specific procedures and audit any charges that may have been edited in these procedures.

“I also enjoy the added systems security from a practice management perspective,” she adds. “I can lock down certain aspects of the software so data can’t be modified, deleted, or adjusted and I can do all of this in real-time,” she adds.

Key Findings

  • Improved pricing, with templated bundles
  • Detailed real-time reporting lifts practice performance
  • 24/7 tech support supports business continuity

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