Tarwin Veterinary Group is a large multi-vet practice covering an area of more than 3300 square kilometres in South Gippsland Victoria. They have been successfully operating for over 60 years and are dedicated to taking care of both small and large animals. They provide a trusting and caring environment with a team of 19 dedicated vets and 24 admin staff members across three sites.

How did you hear about Tyro?

Tarwin first heard about Tyro through a marketing e-mail which outlined a new integrated product for VisionVPM™ veterinary practice management software subscribers. The campaign seemed interesting so I decided to investigate further. It was easy to deal with staff at Tyro and the application process was simple and straightforward.

What is the main difference you’ve found between Tyro and your previous bank terminal?

Integration. Our previous bank terminal required us to manually key in payment amounts into the EFTPOS terminal. This additional step meant that we could potentially make an input error, however, Tyro has eliminated that step and made our payments system more streamlined. We occasionally made keying errors in the past, but it’s not possible now. Tyro’s integration is fundamentally more efficient.

How was the level of support?

Tyro has good support staff. Initially, we experienced some difficulty however, it was soon established that to have a setup to our liking for our multi-location group, we needed to run within a terminal server environment. Once we installed the terminal server option, the system ran smoothly. We also requested to have four separate settlement payments for each site with site names appearing on the bank statements for ease of identification. The support staff have been pleasantly friendly and are great at answering their phones quickly.

Did you have any preconceptions regarding using an IP-based terminal?

No, I didn’t have any hesitations or preconception. I was happy to try the new IP-based technology and knew the end result was going to work out.

How has the merchant reporting portal helped you with reconciliation and budgeting?

The merchant portal is helpful as we no longer have to wait up to nine days before we receive the paper statements to do reconciliation in VisionVPM veterinary practice management software. The portal updates all transactions in real time and gives us access to easy reconciliation tools when we choose to run reports. Our previous terminal also required manual settlement at the end of each day which caused problems with reconciliation if forgotten. Tyro auto settles at the end of the day which eliminates this additional step for staff.

The portal updates all transactions in real time and gives us access to easy reconciliation tools when we run our reports.

What is next for Tarwin Vet Group?

We are currently developing our equine clinic and gradually growing with new staff and vets joining the practice.

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