As of April 2019, vets in Melbourne had almost doubled the number of emails sent to clients compared to the same period of 2018, reporting a 10% increase to number of client visits with RxWorks™ Performance.


  • 11% increase in number of client visits in the first year
  • 4x more SMS and 6x more emails automated to clients in the first year
  • 62% increase in number of new clients with automated reminders
  • 35% more new client records updated with email in the first year alone

The objective

Vets in Melbourne is a busy, multi-site practice situated in the north-east to the south-east of Melbourne city. Principal, Dr Kevin Foster, and his team are passionate about the role that preventive care, including regular check-ups, plays in keeping their patients healthy and happy. The initial practice was based in Templestowe, but Vets quickly grew to include clinics in Balwyn, Endeavour Hills, Cranbourne, and surrounding suburbs.

The challenge for the team as the family of practices grew was keeping each operation running smoothly while being able to gain and provide oversight across all locations. Knowing this, Kevin had anticipated each clinic would need to be migrated onto a single practice management solution. That solution was Covetrus’ RxWorks™.

The practice

“It wasn’t a rushed decision, we thought very carefully,” said Kevin. “In the end, it came down to RxWorks’ comprehensive functionality. It certainly came across as the leader in veterinary practice management in Australia.

“The development team know where they are going and shared this with us. This gave us peace of mind knowing we were choosing a solution that would continually improve. That’s the same philosophy we adopt for our patients and clients, and it’s the way we run our business,” said Kevin.

Suitable for practices of all sizes, RxWorks is designed to streamline and grow veterinary businesses and enhance patient care through its suite of practical tools and processes. For Vets, the tools and processes were broad enough to address all their needs but suitably customisable to meet each clinic’s unique and specific needs across the family of practices.

The impact

“We regularly have new graduates start with us and RxWorks Performance has ensured they charge appropriately and don’t have to stress about remembering to charge certain items,” he said. “This has provided significant benefit to not only their confidence in client experiences and charging but also to our practice image and revenue.”

“RxWorks’ reminder system is also incredibly comprehensive. The automated message manager lets us contact clients regularly in up-to-date ways, like SMS and email. Once you’ve set it up, communication happens automatically without the time-consuming process of phoning clients or printing and posting reminders,” said Kevin.

The outcome

Since the installation in 2017, Kevin and his team at Vets in Melbourne have achieved steady growth in number of client visits and excelled at client reminders and communications. Using RxWorks’ automation functionality, the practice sent 4x more SMS and almost 6x more emails to their clients from 2017 to 2018 and reported an 11% increase in client visits. As of April 2019, they have almost doubled the number of emails sent to clients compared to the same period of 2018, reporting a 10% increase to number of visits.

With the training provided to staff, the practice has also identified a 62% increase in the number of new clients with automated reminders. More new clients are also providing their email addresses as well leading to more effective communication about their patients’ care, with 35% more records updated with email in the first year alone.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of reminders that go out without any extra effort on our part,” said Kevin, “And because of the prompts, the number of email addresses on our database has increased dramatically, which enables us to communicate more effectively with our clients.”

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