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Maximise your practice management system

Our practice management courses on Covetrus™ Learning are designed to upskill you and your team by offering you video based learning content. 

Whether you’re learning for the first time or needing a quick refresh when in the flow of work, our courses cover the essentials, inventory and configuration.​

Supercharge your skills and operate your practice management system (PMS) with confidence.



Is Covetrus Learning for you?

Have you just started a new role within a veterinary practice? Have you been using your practice management system for years? Has your practice just switched to one of our solutions? Maybe you're unsure of how to run different reports, execute critical tasks or are not confident navigating the system?​ All of the above come with its own set of challenges. That’s why we want to help you leverage all your PMS capabilities to the fullest whilst increasing productivity.

Reasons to learn

Onboarding a new employee or a new-to-role team member.

Opening a new clinic.

Implementation of a new PMS

To provide as a benefit to your team for their development ambitions, career progression, or CPD.

To improve the utilisation of your PMS.

Need to optimise your workflows and refresh your knowledge to improve efficiency.

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