In-person Training


Our face-to-face training options

Our in-person training days can be based on general topics or tailored to the needs of your practice. They’re perfect for motivating all team members and increasing their confidence within the subject area. By demonstrating to your workforce that you are committed to their development, we more often than not see an increase in loyalty and staff morale. We ensure your sessions are based on your learning, your way.

Keep reading about the different types of training we offer.

Benefits of in-person training

An opportunity away from the demands of practice life to focus on learning.


Classroom training

Our classroom training sessions are held throughout the UK and host delegates from multiple practices, allowing you to network and share experiences to enhance your learning. Our topics are generic, based on real-life practice management system pain points, or general enquiries requested by you. For a more personal experience, we limit these sessions to no more than 10 delegates.

Classroom training topics

Accounts & reporting

Accounts & reporting

How to accurately track the performance of your practice (and keep the tax man happy!).

Product List & Stock management

Product List & Stock management

Pricing and charging strategies to increase revenue and identify hidden opportunities.

In-Practice Marketing and Loyalty Schemes

In-Practice Marketing and Loyalty Schemes

Drive predictable profitability from within your client base whilst effectively communicating to maintain client engagement.


Bespoke training days

Looking for a bespoke training session specific for your practice? Bespoke training days are exactly that.

Our sessions are catered to your practice management software, tapping into areas of the system you never knew existed, saving you time, generating revenue and driving workflow efficiencies. As we release new functionality and new staff join your practice, our sessions cater to the constant need for training at both.


Bespoke consultancy

Our consultancy package comprises of a deep dive analysis into the configuration of your practice management system. It’s specific to your very own setup and the needs of your practice. Once we have a deeper understanding of where you are and where you want to be we will then guide you through a bespoke process. See below for more.


STEP 1 - Discovery

As a first step, we’ll spend time with you listening to your concerns, your vision for the future, and discuss any issues that you are experiencing within your practice. We’ll also talk about your strengths and what’s going well for you. The aim of this stage is to gain a deeper understanding on how your practice operates and we tailor this review to your unique needs.


STEP 2 - Plan your bespoke route

Here we start working with you to help you achieve your goals and also build strong foundations for the future. This stage will include topics such as identifying lost revenue opportunities, using tools within your system that already exist and how we can optimise the revenue that you generate. We aim to deliver a seamless journey for your clients, plan effective communication, tactics to reduce staff stress levels and more!


STEP 3 - Learn

We now look at your practice performance, whether you’re focused on efficiency and growth or if you are planning for the future. We will work with you to set practical targets, aligned with realistic and achievable key performance indicators.


STEP 4 - Optimise

During this stage of the journey, we will have provided you with some valuable insights based on your own practice, but how do similar practices compare? We’ll share with you our expert industry knowledge, applying these to best practice procedures.


STEP 5 - Future proofing

At this stage, we recap over everything we have uncovered and discovered from the previous stages. Everything that has been identified will not only help you to sustain your practice now but also assist you to look beyond the present to the future. We share methods on maintaining our learnings to ensure a successful practice moving fowards.

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