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Rapport helps Orchard House Vets boost their profits and double their bookings.


Rapport gives Orchard House Vets the extra "manpower" it needs to deliver nine campaigns per week.

Rapport helps Orchard House Vets boost their profits and double their bookings.

Orchard House Vets, a small animal practice with three sites, use RoboVet and its marketing and communication tool, Rapport to assist in their campaigns.

One man vs 12,000 registered clients

With little resource, Orchard House Vets, employs only one Marketing Manager, Graham Skelton, but even with dedicated resource, it’s been difficult to get things off the ground and running. Graham recognized the opportunity to change and improve things, particularly in COVID-times which meant more compliance and communication was required. He needed help too, to reach out to 12,000 clients.

By working with Rapport, him and his team identified key areas for improvement across the following channels:

  • Newsletters
  • Business listings
  • Web design
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Much of the initial work was to be altered around COVID-19 and the pandemic allowed them to look at the way they were communicating across all fronts. He required more help on all fronts from planning, design, content crafting, images, segmentation, GDPR compliance and more, all the way through to seamless execution. It needed to be automated and made easy, rather than time consuming and convoluted. Rapport simplifies efforts and automates appointment bookings, campaigns, birthday emails, product and services offerings, surveys, welcome emails and more.

By automating everything, it leaves the vet practice to focus on in-person interactions and pet care instead of spending hours on planning a campaign. For Orchard House Vets, by using Rapport, it felt like ‘having an extra team member.’

The power of dedicated marketing consultants  

A key attraction from using Rapport, wasn’t just the automated features but access to dedicated marketing consultants with years of veterinary communication experience.

“Rapport is like having the support of 100 people which is useful when working alone. We saw a 1.5% profit increase directly linked to manual campaigns yet 5% with Rapport. This was achieved with weekly / monthly campaigns and it had about a 50% reach due to the work involved. We have already doubled the reach and amount of bookings due to these campaigns since involving Rapport.” — Graham Skelton, Finance and Marketing Manager, Orchard House Vets

It provided Orchard House Vets with the extra ‘manpower’ and equipped them to deliver high-impact content campaigns. At least nine topics are being communicated each week and every client is informed on the products, services and offers available to them. The campaigns also focus on engaging the clients with useful advice, tips and helps to showcase the clinic’s experience that would build rapport and trust with the customers.


A 5% profit increase vs 1.5% on manual campaigns.

  • Doubled the reach and number of bookings
  • Increase in surgical procedures
  • Extra “manpower” through technology
  • A smarter, more efficient way of working
  • Strengthen client loyalty and retention

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