Covetrus Pulse implementation resources



Pre-recorded webinars

Watch pre-recorded Pulse webinars that can be used to train you and your staff at your convenience.


Using Pendo guides in Pulse

Discover how to leverage Pendo guides to learn how to navigate Pulse. Pendo guides simplify the user experience and put valuable resources at your fingertips.


Pulse data conversion guide

Use this guide to ensure the data converted to Covetrus Pulse matches your previous veterinary software data.


Pulse go live checklist

Complete this checklist to prepare you and your staff for the data conversion process to Covetrus Pulse.


Pulse implementation experience

Access detailed timelines and steps for Covetrus Pulse non-migration and all-in migration implementations.


Pulse conversion FAQ

Read our list of frequently asked questions or concerns to gain insights into the data conversion process for Pulse.