Veterinary prescription management solutions boost your practice

21 June 2024 5 min read


Covetrus vRxPro is a complete turnkey e-commerce solution that simplifies your prescription management processes, streamlining your daily workflows for optimal efficiency and client satisfaction. ProScripts — digital veterinarian-initiated prescriptions created through vRxPro — can also help improve treatment compliance.

Save time and build incremental revenue with ProScripts

Preventive medicine needs and known prescription refills are identified during patient intake. The veterinarian finalizes the orders in the exam room with digital approval within vRxPro.

Every digital prescription you write through vRxPro generates an email to your client with a direct link to purchase. This ensures your clients purchase the right products, in the correct dose and size. ProScripts eliminates any confusion that could occur with verbal recommendations and instructions.

Clients do not need to make an immediate on-site purchase during the veterinary visit. Automatically generated reminders keep patient needs at the forefront, helping ensure that clients adhere to their pets’ care plans.

Once you leverage vRxPro to its full potential, revenue from your online storefront grows incrementally without any additional work. Your staff no longer need to chase down prescription orders or spend time on patient reminders.

Initiating a prescription during the visit with ProScripts through vRxPro allows you to:

  • Improve daily staff efficiencies
  • Recommend specific products
  • Offer greater convenience for your clients
  • Encourage proactive pet care and care compliance
  • Increase passive revenue from better prescription fill rates

Use case for ProScripts: Special feline diet

Your client’s cat is on a therapeutic diet that requires a special food order through your practice. Your client calls your office to order more specialty food, only to find out she missed your weekly order deadline. Her supply is too low to wait until next week.

There are two options to get your client more specialty food before she runs out:

Option 1: Traditional prescription

Write a traditional script for her to use at a local pet store or third-party online outlet. It could take over thirty minutes for your veterinary team to generate the prescription. The client may need to pick it up in-person. Everyone’s day gets disrupted, and your practice loses money by sending your client to purchase elsewhere.

Option 2: Digital prescription

Write a digital prescription using ProScripts with an open fill (PRN) instruction and a recommendation to use AutoShip. Refills will automatically ship to your client’s home if she selects AutoShip on her first order. This option requires zero staff time and keeps revenue within your practice via your online veterinary storefront. Most importantly, your patient will maintain a consistent diet because their pet parent won’t run out of specialty cat food.

Use case for ProScripts: Canine thyroid medicine

Your client’s dog tests positive for hypothyroidism. You prescribe medication and ask the client to return in six months for another test. What happens next depends on your prescription management process.

There are two scenarios to consider:

Option 1: Traditional prescription

When your client and his dog arrive for retesting, you learn they already ran out of the thyroid medication. To get your patient back on their treatment plan, you give a two-week refill to fill the gap between the visit and final test results. When you receive the results, you write another prescription to adjust the dose. Your client must return to pick up the new Rx.

Option 2: Digital prescription

You write the thyroid medication prescription with ProScripts via vRxPro, adding enough refills until the dog needs retesting. Your client makes a simple online purchase and sets up AutoShip for refills. When the dog comes back for testing, you easily update the prescription and adjust the dose in vRxPro. There is no extra work for your team or additional office visits for your client. Most importantly, your patient consistently receives their medications for optimal care compliance.

Streamlined digital scripting solution for proactive pet care

Covetrus vRxPro does triple-duty as your online veterinary storefront. ProScripts makes it easy for you to digitally prescribe:

  • Routine and preventive medications
  • Specialty medications and compounds for chronic conditions
  • Recommended prescription and non-prescription diets

Your clients can make online purchases at their convenience, receive refills via AutoShip and plan ahead for recurring costs. They will also receive exclusive savings with Covetrus-funded discounts. All of these activities support proactive pet care and care compliance.

Our fully managed prescription management solution can help you optimize revenue on medically necessary prescriptions, compounded medications, diets and other veterinarian-recommended products. Learn more about ProScripts with vRxPro.