Covetrus® Pulse® and Zoetis Diagnostics work together to super charge veterinary care

22 May 2024 5 min read


Zoetis SuperCHARGE

Increasing demand for veterinary diagnostics

Demand for veterinary diagnostic testing is at an all-time high. The U.S. market is expected to more than double to $12.9 billion by 2032.1 The trend is attributable to many factors: rates of pet ownership continue to rise, more veterinary diseases are now identifiable and treatable, and more pet owners are aware of and interested in health screening.

To keep up with this growing demand, veterinary practices are smart to take advantage of practice information management systems and advanced diagnostic testing capabilities. This technology also helps practices capture more revenue from a rapidly expanding market.

Combining veterinary diagnostics with powerful cloud-based veterinary practice management software can take your practice to the next level. The right diagnostics partner can provide faster, more reliable information so teams can deliver exceptional care. This starts with bidirectional integration, but in this competitive space, it also requires diagnostic solution providers to go above and beyond.

Solving integrated veterinary diagnostic challenges with the right partner

In 2023, Covetrus and Zoetis Diagnostics launched a strategic relationship that combines innovation with connectivity.

Covetrus Pulse is a complete, cloud-based veterinary operating system. It enables more efficient processes, helping to manage medical records, client communications, prescriptions and invoicing. Pulse is fully integrated with Zoetis Diagnostics products and services. It delivers efficient diagnostic results and elevated patient care while also streamlining the way work gets done and how successful outcomes are reached.

Together, Pulse and Zoetis Diagnostics can make a significant impact on the health of your patients and your practice. Results from diagnostic tests are immediately uploaded to patients’ electronic medical records in Pulse. The test results are pulled from the Zoetis Reference Laboratory and Vetscan® point-of-care solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Vetscan Imagyst®. This saves time, increases efficiency and opens the door to improved care through Zoetis Diagnostics capabilities such as Zoetis Virtual Laboratory.

The Zoetis Virtual Laboratory is an integrated support network of board-certified specialists paired with powerful AI-analysis, enabling a fully supported practice workflow. Veterinarians can have important conversations with pet owners to share diagnostics and treatment plans with confidence. This moment of partnership isn’t possible without the support of Zoetis Diagnostics and Covetrus working together.

Pulse and Imagyst together streamline practice operations

With Pulse and Imagyst, veterinary teams can get results in minutes with AI-based applications and in about two hours with Digital Cytology2. With Zoetis Diagnostics, you can access diagnostic data anywhere, anytime, from any device. The cloud-based connectivity allows your team to communicate more effectively with other veterinarians, specialists and laboratories when needed. Enhanced communication improves efficiency, collaborative decision-making and pet outcomes.

Billing for diagnostics is easier, too. With Pulse, staff can instantly add pre-programmed charges for diagnostic tests without risk of errors from manual entry. This helps ensure that your practice achieves 100% charge capture. It also saves time so your team can allocate resources more effectively. Less paperwork and time spent on administrative tasks means staff are freed up for other important activities.


How Pulse and Zoetis Diagnostics help veterinary practices

Innovation combined with connectivity saves staff time, increases efficiency and opens the door to improved care

Fast, accurate point-of-care diagnostics provide the information teams need to care for patients

Access to specialists and reference laboratory diagnostics informs confident treatment decisions

Patient diagnoses, treatment plans and invoices are recorded directly in the medical record — creating more efficient visits than ever before

Information is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device

Clients can review lab results and test charges during visits and understand the value of these services

Workflow improves, reducing staff hours and freeing time for patient care

Request a demo to see how Covetrus technology solutions combined with Zoetis Diagnostics can transform your veterinary practice.

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