A strategically designed tool that thinks for you – how Ascend provides predictive and streamlined workflows to fast-track your day in the practice

Watch the video below to see Ascend in action

4 October 2022 5 min read


Much like we do on Google’s search bar these days or when we’re texting a friend on our smartphone, it thinks for you. It knows what word you’re going to use with the power of automation. And yes its autocorrect functionality can be awry sometimes, because when all you’re trying to do is be colloquial and add drama to your texting as if you were speaking to a friend, things like “Have a faaaaabulouuuus weeeeeekend”, it tries to autocorrect to the monotonous, flat “Have a fabulous weekend” instead.

We’ll admit, there are limitations in personal AI, but it works and its intentions are spot on. But when it comes to professional tools and software systems, there’s no room for error. With Ascend, our cloud-based practice management system, like the Google search intention, it thinks for you and predicts the next step in the veterinary workflow, as well as providing a minimal and disruptive-free experience. Don’t underestimate how much automation can save you time. Cumulatively this can add up to hours per week of saved time and gained productivity.

Watch our video below to view the power of intelligence and foresight utilised in Ascend’s clever engineering. From predictive thinking to clever use of slide-in panels and pop-ups, prompts and user initiation, it’s made for ease-of-use and navigation.

Gain more time back and do more of what you love – spend time with the animals.

How our customers save time using Ascend and its intelligent thinking

Coquet Vets use Ascend to manage their days and find its simplicity, intelligent thinking and functionality such as MyHub and the ToDo’s much easier, saving them time:

“I’ve worked with many computer systems but Ascend is easy-to-use and it is completely paperless. We’re trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Its integrations are powerful, from lab results to insurances. It massively saves time in the whole process, say 2 or 3 minutes per 15-minute consult which is a huge deal in terms of productivity.”

Emily Renton, Clinical Director and Vet, Coquet Vets.

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