Stephanie Foster, Practice Manager | Kings Veterinary Hospital | Loveland, OH

Former practice manager and consultant Stephanie Foster will share the value and strategies when implementing an online pharmacy into your practice.

Includes how to utilize client communications, updated workflows, and staff incentives to get adoption and engagement.

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Hosted by: Jon Detweiler

Learn the ins and outs of writing digital scripts, renewals tab management, how to educate your customers, and more.

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Brian Carlson, Practice Manager | Old Derby Animal Hospital | Hingham, MA

In one year, Old Derby Animal Hospital saw a 15% total growth in revenue by leveraging the Covetrus Platform.

”Visits and sales were flat, and we knew our clients were buying elsewhere. We had to make a change.”

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Johanna R. Kremberg, DVM | Grand Prix Equine | Bridgewater, CT

Grand Prix Equine saw a 28% increase in total revenue growth, including service, diagnostics and product revenue after deploying the Covetrus prescription management platform.

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Dr. Sharon Minninger & Jon Detweiler, Practice Manager | Telford Veterinary Hospital | Souderton, PA

Telford Veterinary Hospital, a two-vet practice, generated over $160,000 in online revenues in one year by leveraging the Covetrus Platform.

“I no longer need to pick up the phone and call three different pharmacies to find the right compounded medications. Every formulation and dose form, including pricing, is at my fingertips— saving me time and allowing me to discuss the best treatment option for my clients right in the exam room.”

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