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A 10-minute spotlight from our product expert - Carly Clark

28 June 2022 5 min read


In this episode, we speak with Carly Clark, our Product Manager for Covetrus Ascend, a cloud-based practice management system (PMS) designed for optimising vet clinics and facilitating team performance.

Carly’s passion and desire for creating and delivering practical veterinary software solutions that enable veterinary professionals is clear. Here she talks about the differences that Ascend can offer, including its intuitive interface and key integrations. As a company, we recognise how precious time is and every second counts when you’re on the job; and Carly defines how important it has been to deliver a product, that, for example takes no time at all to onboard new staff, especially when there may be new staff of locums quite frequently. It can also save 2-3 minutes per 15-minute consult, which overall, is a big saving for many clinics.

Watch our 10-min chat with Carly and check out who is behind the scenes of a PMS that makes a significant difference for your team’s productivity and satisfaction levels.

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