A reimagined workspace and veterinary practice management software that helps your teams soar

3 June 2022 4 min read


At the beginning of the year, we wrote about the ways you can evaluate and choose a practice management software solution that fits your practice.  And in a recent survey, we partnered with the Vet Times to explore and understand what veterinary professionals are looking for when it comes to selecting the right software.

It is no surprise that individuals and teams are looking for a more intuitive and hassle-free interface as well as user-friendly workflows, which allow vet teams to do tasks in a quick and efficient manner.

In the survey with Vet Times¹, some of the outcomes were:

  • 80% expressed that commercial matters like growing revenue and new customers are important (regardless of increased pet population)
  • 77% are looking to encourage more client loyalty
  • 76% want more simple and hassle-free interfaces
  • 63% wanted better automated communication with clients
  • 45% would like more repeat clients
  • 43% said they want better integrations with printers, diagnostics and payments

*note that the percentages calculate to more than 100% as respondents were allowed to select multiple answers.

Everything from checking in a client to checking them out; integrating with key applications; communicating seamlessly pre-and-post appointments to accessing patient records and history easily; there is a clear need for more powerful, yet simple practice management software solutions for veterinary professionals.

Having taken into account key requirements and by tuning into the marketplace, we’ve been able to develop and launch Covetrus Ascend, the cloud-based practice management software solution that has a veterinary-first approach and is much more of an “enabler for all roles” within the practice.


With Ascend at your practice, your teams can:

  • View and manage everything in one place
  • Improve internal collaboration and communication
  • Drive efficiencies and productivity
  • Improve the customer experience and enhance patient care
  • Streamline workflows, processes and simplify efforts
  • Stop paying server costs
  • Access from home, en-route or at the clinic on any device


How veterinary practices can lead the way with more integrated and mindful technology

But don’t take our word for it, Coquet Vets have been using Ascend as an early adopter and have already reaped the benefits. They’ve been able to do things like save 52 days in time per annum as well as drive a paperless practice, and the “happy” colours of the interface, for lack of a better word, make brighter days for the team!

Every ounce and inch of the practice needs to be immersed in an environment, where both the physical environment and daily digital tools being used, create a culture with a sense of ease, employee satisfaction and measured/sensible productivity.

Given the rife mental health issues in the industry, all technology and practice management software solutions need to be built with all factors considered, not solely basic functional needs, but including human needs, which really can make life easier for veterinary professionals.

Key integrations in your practice management software

Speaking of ease, Ascend incorporates key integrations including:

  • Vetstoria (online booking)
  • IDEXX inhouse labs
  • RxSMS with Message Media
  • GapOnly (insurances)
  • VetS8 (online controlled drug register)
  • VetDB (automated data capture)
  • VetCheck (document/forms)

When selecting your practice management software, integrations should be prioritised. Alan Robinson from Vet Dynamics, recently commented in a Vet Times article on the need for seamless workflows and avoiding bolt-on after bolt-on:

“No matter how much you do communicate, you will always need to do more – no matter how much information you give people you will always be asked for more. Going forward, I think the terminology is digital-first; what we tend to do in the veterinary profession is bolt it on – bolt on another app; bolt on this; bolt on some remote things. There’s no integration of any of that. With any of these things – client care; vet performance; anything – it’s the amount of friction we produce in the process that stops this stuff happening.”

Our vision is to empower veterinary professionals and we collectively aspire to provide an integrated and connected practice strategy that enables and facilitates team performance.  Covetrus aims to help your operations and ecosystem in a holistic way so that tasks are no longer disjointed or siloed. Ascend can give you a frictionless experience and our 30+ years in servicing the industry in the practice management software space offers reassurance to practices of all types and sizes, where you can get guidance every step of the way.

If you would like to find out more or would like a demo, get in touch with us.

[1] Source: Covetrus + Vet Times Survey, March 2022 [437 surveyed, 90 respondents]