Are you prepared to recover from a data loss accident?

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18 November 2019 5 min read


Do you know how to avoid data loss accidents in your veterinary practice?

Setting the scene

Picture this scene: Your busy practice is humming along and its business as usual. Your staff is busy checking in patients at the front desk, while doctors are making their rounds to exam rooms. Suddenly, lightning strikes your practice, damaging your computers, diagnostic equipment, and building.

Worse than the damage to equipment and premises – which is most likely insured – you’ve lost all your critical patient and client data. “Not to worry,” you think to yourself, “I’ve got everything backed up to my on-site server.”

The problem is, your manually controlled on-site server backup could easily have failed. Or the lightning strike could have fried the hard drive, which leaves you high and dry, without your practice’s data lifeblood.

It was a dramatic scene

Okay, we’ll admit it’s a bit of a dark picture to paint, and yes maybe lightning was a tad dramatic. But let’s be frank – it could be any natural disaster or freak system failure and it would feel as if that one last thing that was working for you isn’t and therefore everything is wrong, and it may not be something you think you can deal with.

Find your data loss accident ‘safety switch’

Data loss accidents can be a huge strain to an already full-on role in a veterinary practice, so having a ‘safety switch’ of a secure data backup partner helps immediately alleviate the pressure of dealing with any disaster aftermath alone. And you’re not alone.

According to global market intelligence firm IDC, 40% of small and medium businesses don’t back up their data. When they do, 40-50% of those backups are not fully recoverable.

If the thought of these (dramatic but maybe not so dramatic) scenarios has left you in a cold sweat, don’t worry – there is a way to make sure your data is protected and secure so you can sleep soundly at night.

Create a data loss accident strategy

The key takeaway is that having all of your data in one place is a big risk – the only way to recover from data loss is to make sure you have a good backup strategy in place.

There a couple of key elements to successful data backup and using these will minimise the chances of you losing valuable information permanently:

  • Secure offsite and onsite backups. Offsite means having a copy of your data stored remotely in the cloud, and onsite refers to having a separate external hard drive.
  • Automated, scheduled backups. The days of manual backup are gone. Modern solutions provide automatic backups that let you ‘set and forget’.

Avoid data loss and ensure you can access or restore your data following a hardware failure or natural disaster. Data backup services are a seamless, affordable way to prevent your business from losing data with Covetrus™.

This automated service works in the background to store your data remotely and protect against its loss.

How we help make it work for your practice

There is a simple procedure our data loss accident experts help you do to alleviate the pressure of critical failures; load the software, follow the easy-to-follow prompts, and select the files to be stored. Your data is then compressed, encrypted, and transmitted to a secure vault off-site. Backups are monitored to ensure they are completed successfully. Retrieving data is simple and fast, and it’s available 24/7, 365 days a year.


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