Rediscover your VisionVPM user support portal

By Marketing

25 April 2020 5 min read


Here at Covetrus™, we provide some of the longest-standing veterinary software systems in the world. We believe that every veterinary practice – no matter its size or location – can have a great business.

We understand the importance of the role that your practice software plays in this. To help you and your team keep up to speed with our latest developments, advances and enhancements in your practice management system we have the VisionVPM™ User Portal.

Your VisionVPM User Portal will be home to useful information for your practice such as product videos, release documents, webinars and more. We have also built in a new Product Suggestions forum for our VisionVPM users to come together to share tips and ideas, discuss existing functionality and suggestions for new features.

Find out more about our Product Suggestions Forum here.

What can I access in the VisionVPM User Portal?

  • Product Release Notes
  • Online Product Manuals
  • Product & Update Webinars
  • Product Suggestions Forum 

Setting up your VisionVPM Portal User Account is easy

  1. On this website, ensure that you are visiting the APAC region website. (You can check this via the URL in your web search bar or by scrolling down to our website footer and selecting the region in the bottom left dropdown.)
  2. On any page you can navigate to our Portal by clicking on the blue PORTAL button in the top right-hand corner of our website main navigation. You can also hover over this button and select “login” or “signup.” For new portal users, hover over the button and select “signup.”
  3. On the signup page select a username, password and email address to associate with your new account.
    Please also provide us with your practice name and the relevant practice management software for your practice e.g. “VisionVPM – APAC”
  4. Once complete click “Register” you will then receive an email asking you to activate your email and that your account and access to our portal is pending approval.
  5. Once approved you’ll receive a second email to notify you that your access has been granted and that you can now login to the Portal.

Create your portal user account now or login to your existing account

Product Suggestions forum

In each VisionVPM update, our developers include new features and fixes from VisionVPM’s Ideas forum in the portal. It takes just five easy steps – outlined below – to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for the new features and enhancements you want to see in your practice management software. Your feedback is vital to us and essential for our product development process. Our daily challenge is to continue to develop and enhance our solutions, so they remain relevant, innovative and bring you efficiencies and tools to better your practice. The most popular requests and topics raised within the Product Suggestions Form will be reviewed, investigated and then prioritised by the product and development team for consideration in our development pipeline. This is where great ideas can grow, develop and become the next new feature to become part of your everyday practice life.

How to use your new Product Suggestions Forum

  1. Go to ‘Portal’ in the top right of the home page navigation
  2. Login or register using your username/ email address and password.
  3. Go back to ‘Portal’ and click on ‘Product Suggestions’.
  4. This will bring you to the feedback page.
    • On the left, you will see suggestions and ideas that have already been submitted.
    • You can click on these to read them, ‘upvote’ by clicking on the thumbs up, or leave a comment.
    • The more feedback we get on a suggestion or idea, the higher we will prioritise it
  5. On the right is a panel headed ‘Push your idea’.
    • Simply fill out each field, attach a photo or screenshot if necessary and hit the ‘Push’ button.
    • Your idea will then go into the dashboard for us to see and other users to upvote and comment on. 

We look forward to hearing your feedback and gaining a deeper understanding of what you would like to see us working on next. Let’s get the conversation started and advance solutions together.