How to use RxWorks for group veterinary practices

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28 February 2020 5 min read


Group vet practices may operate towards a common goal, but that doesn’t mean teams from different clinics work the same way.

It’s important to customise your practice management software to give each team the tools they need to work efficiently for their patients while keeping reporting and scheduling consistent across each clinic location. Veterinarians have their own consultation styles and templates, prices can vary between clinics, and patient reports and invoices generated for client use need the clinic’s personalised letterhead and contact information for referrals.

We’ve put together this basic overview of RxWorks™ features and tips on how practices typically setup modules. RxWorks features for group vet practices include:

  • Clipboard sharing
  • Restricting user access to certain clinics
  • Inventory for each clinic
  • Prices varied for each clinic
  • Customised graphic letterheads and footers
  • Different background colours for each clinic
  • Personalised page styles will automatically select the correct printer
  • Client preferred clinic
  • Clinic short name

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Tip 1: Clipboard Sharing

Clipboards show clients with appointments for the day and where all the action happens. Clients are shown by appointment time and type, if they’re in the waiting from, when the consult is over and they’re waiting to pay, as well as patients waiting for surgery, equipment borrowed, and other tasks that need to happen.

This is a great feature for group practices if a client needs an appointment at a specific time when your practice is full. Staff can view other clinic clipboards and see availability, but we do recommend transferring the client through to the other clinic’s phoneline instead of booking the appointment straight into the clipboard.

Patient status clipboards such as Waiting Rooms remain shared across clinics, so structure and functionality are easy to manage. Practice owners and manages do have the option update user permissions and access to reduce errors and add a level of security to patient records.

You can access this in Task Panel > Options & Setup > I. User > Security > Clinic Security.

Tip 2: Inventory and Process

Each clinic needs to track their own inventory levels. There are also instances where clinics will need to see inventory and prices across other clinics or where certain clinics wish to share the same price bands.

For example, a four-clinic group vet practice has two clinics in a metropolitan area and two in the outer suburbs. The practice owner or manager may want to band the metropolitan clinic pricing together and then band the outer suburb clinics together to manage prices, inventory levels, and so on.

Unless your clinic has been specifically set up to have separate pricing, all clinics default to ‘Clinic 1’ stock and pricing outlines for consistency but can be updated.

How do you create or edit pricing lists?

  1. You will find these settings in Task Panel > Options and Setup > Clinic > General Options.
  2. RxWorks duplicates ‘Clinic 1’s’ stocklist into the new clinic.
  3. When asked if you wish to duplicate ‘Clinic 1’s’ prices, select ‘Yes’ if you do, or ‘No’ to have all price values set to zero. We recommend selecting yes to have a price structure to edit and work off, rather than starting from scratch.
  4. Modify prices at any time using the Item Pricing Wizard. If you are using item wizards for multiple practices, you must be logged into the clinic you wish to update.

Create a wholesale account for each clinic

We recommend setting up a wholesale account for each clinic in your group. This means stock orders can be created automatically for each clinic and Goods Receipts are downloaded to the correct clinic, rather than splitting the lists for quarterly or yearly reports.

Tip 3: Graphic Letterheads and Footers

Custom letterheads and footers for each clinic gives clients a more personalised experience with your practice. It also allows clinics to add their specific email and phone number so clients contact the right clinic for advice or future appointments. These letterheads and footers can be used for all printed documents, including; invoices, accounts, and email reminders.

To change logos, go to Task Panel > Reports > H. Setup & Document Editing > 6. Letterhead & Footer Graphics.

Tip 4: Different background colour for RxWorks screens

In the busy working day seeing patients, reporting, checking up onboarding patients and managing staff it is easy to log into the wrong clinic when you’re in a rush. By having different background colours for your clinic’s RxWorks screen it helps staff identify if they’re logged into the right clinic view. This needs to be set up directly in the database with the help of your Implementations Specialist.

Tip 5: Set clients to their preferred clinics

A client’s preferred clinic is automatically set to the logged-in clinic. It can be used to restrict reminder and account statement printing and for general reports. This is helpful when sending recalls to clients because if they are being messaged by their preferred clinic they are more likely to respond to the familiar name and location.

Group vet practices may also want to send specific reminders from each clinic as part of a parasiticide awareness campaign, for which this feature also helps segment clients.

Staff can change this at any time on the client record ‘Preferred Clinic’ drop-down field.

Tip 6: Changing clinic names

The RxWorks program installs with a single clinic. This clinic’s name defaults to Clinic 1 and the main clinic of the group. During initial setup with your Implementations specialist they will have added your other clinics directly to your database, but you can still go in and customise each clinic’s name.

Customise this by going into the Task Panel > Options & Setup > Clinic.

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Customising your practice management software helps teams work efficiently and give teams the tools they need for best patient care. These are six tips on how to use RxWorks for group vet practices, but there are many resources available to clinics on our online portal.

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