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2 March 2022 5 min read


It’s a perfect time to clear the decks and start afresh, setting the tone for a healthy, productive and successful year ahead. Every area from your client engagement, to staff acquisition and retention, to how you manage your stock can be assessed and optimised at your vet practice with top recommendations and solutions provided.

The clinic’s ecosystem

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A useful tool for vet practice managers and optimised vet practices

Ideal for practice managers and clinic owners, you can use this as a first step whether you are a new clinic or an established leader in the market. It can be thought of as creating the perfect composition which requires unity, balance, rhythm, focus and the right arrangements in place for a healthy, fully-functioning vet clinic. No matter your experience, it’s always recommended to re-evaluate your methods, approach and strategise on a regular basis, not only to keep up with the times or adapt to change but to avoid being complacent and drive innovation.

In our Paws, Rewind and Play podcast series, our Executive Vice President and President of Technology, Georgia Wraight, speaks of leadership and innovation in light of how it provides purpose and how it can solve the biggest headaches. In the vet clinic ecosystem,  she highlights the importance of “inter-operability” and systems speaking to each other in order to optimise the vet practice:

“We’re focused on delivering on the connected practice strategy. This means that vets want a wholly operational ecosystem and for tools to inter-operate with one another. This might be shifting from: how are my appointments looking, to can I see my pet’s medical record, then I need to look at prescription management and finally manage my inventory. By using the right methods and technology, we can integrate tools to allow vet practices to run with more ease and success.”

By using this WorkBook, it can intelligently guide you in every area or you can dip in and out to the areas that you already know are your weak spots. Dedicate 30 minutes to it and complete it, as we are already mentally prepared to set goals for the year. Download the WorkBook.

This WorkBook is part of our Click, Connect and Communication Collection, which aims to provide:

  • A happier, healthier, motivating workplace
  • Streamlined, efficient and effective operations
  • Better, improved and strengthened client experiences
  • Significant time and cost savings

The Click, Connect and Communication collection

  • 1 x WorkBook: A tool to help you identify improvement opportunities and resources to help you out.
  • 3 x eBooks: On Wellness, Digitisation and Change Management 

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