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12 May 2020 5 min read


Proactive herd management focused on the health and well-being of your client’s animals over the reactive treatments to illness is a strength for veterinary practices.

Information regarding herd breeding, feed, sales, treatments, and deaths is essential for building strategies specific to each client’s herd. It’s also an important part in business development when helping farmers achieve a high return for their investments by placing the priority on proactive herd health.

Collecting all relevant information, ensuring it’s accurate, and keeping it updated while you’re balancing multiple clients remotely though seem like a huge task. There are so many variables and they differ for different clients with different goals, especially if your practice or the client specialises in equine health.

Temporary processes, or maybe the only way you know how to record this information, may involve numerous excel spreadsheets or combinations of handwritten notes on the back of spare pieces of paper about what happened that day. Then they all need to make it back into the house or clinic, not chewed on by the dog, and entered into the system for accurate invoicing and management. This is also all happening while getting children sorted, taking your own fur babies out for walks, fixing dinner, and visiting other herds during the day and after hours.

Sound familiar? Well, we want to change this for you and help you achieve world-class herd management with Vision Health Manager.

What is Vision Health Manager?

Vision Health Manager (VHM) is a herd management solution that helps veterinary practices quickly and easily plan and map out the year’s health activities for individual farms, helping farmers set a budget and locking in revenue for your practice.

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Five key benefits of using VHM as your herd management solution for your veterinary practice

Stay on top of compliance

Ensuring the herd stays healthy rather than treating for illness encourages client retention and loyalty. Putting the focus back on proactive herd management means you are partnering with your clients for the long-term to ensure the animals you treat remain healthy, rather than only being called in when something goes wrong. VHM’s appearance is custom to each client’s needs, which means in the same day you could visit a cattle farm and equine center and your VHM view can be set up to suit the herd management and sire and dam information fields.

Making informed decisions based of historic herd records

When veterinarians have the tools to easily input data, the richer the medical records and history will be as you can spend less time inputting more data. This information can be around herd numbers, herd lifetime, inventory and feed, and timelines of treatment to identify what has worked previously to raise a healthy herd to inform future decisions.

Furthermore, if a farmer is looking to sell their herd it creates an easy export of all the accurate, detailed information for the sellers which helps them reach a higher quality of sale, and demonstrates you are a partner for their business.

Improve compliance with automated SMS & email

You want to give your clients every possible chance of their herd receiving the right treatment at the right time. Use VHM to automate reminders via SMS or email, depending on your client’s preference, to help improve compliance. This also saves time for practices manually entering the same message for every client and follow up when VHM can identify and automate this process.

Streamline reporting and invoicing

The sooner information can be added into VHM the more accurate and richer the data will be. This goes for specific events that happen per visit to stock and products used. Event tracker functionality helps veterinarians monitor; sales, treatments, breeding and births, and deaths as well as the stock used per visit. The herd management software can also be customized to specific herd breeds, for example, equine management must have dam and sire information. These events appear as calendar reminders for a visual cue of health activities while making for rich, complete reports.

Lock in revenue for your practice

VHM is designed to help your practice manage all aspects of farm animal health. It enables veterinarians to build a calendar of activities and ensure all animal health requirements are diarised and actioned. While this helps clients plan for their year, it also locks in revenue for vet practices to then plan their year ahead in terms of staff time, resources, and inventory.

Do I need VisionVPM™ to use Vision Health Manager?

No, but it is designed to seamlessly integrate with VisionVPM. Whether you have VisionVPM or a non-Covetrus practice management software, VHM is designed to help veterinary practices quickly and easily plan and map out their year and help farmers set budgets and achieve their goals while locking in revenue for your practice.

Proactive herd management in your practice

How much time would be reduced if you could use one-touch functionality to view appointments, herd history, last feeding reports, and even upcoming preventatives and treatments due when you needed to?

What would it mean to have a detailed calendar of health activities accessible just as you’ve shown up to a property and didn’t have time to familiarize yourself on the next job because you were running late?


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