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19 May 2020 5 min read


Three benefits of using the latest hardware and software in your practice

Is your practice using the latest hardware? Many veterinarians believe that hardware lasts five to seven years and plan upgrades accordingly. However, in a busy practice with constant use, coupled with excessive pet hair and dander, the hardware is likely to last only three to five years.

Related, practices using outdated hardware will likely experience issues using the latest software version. This is because the latest software is built to be compatible with the latest hardware, which offers improved functionality. Given the pace of technological change, even hardware that is only a few years old could be considered outdated. Because of this, practices running old hardware aren’t able to experience the full benefits and advantages of their new practice and office software.

When your practice hardware is up-to-date, you’re able to take advantage of the latest features and functionality of your software. This helps your staff perform more efficiently and your business function at its optimal level. Hardware and software that operates seamlessly positively impact your productivity and overall customer experience.

Here are some of the key benefits of running a combination of the latest software and hardware in your practice:

Improved staff productivity

The newest version of the hardware you’re using will almost always improve speed. This is because, as technology continues to advance, hard drives and servers have a much greater operating ability. Older computers are unlikely to support newer operating systems, which can slow your computer’s performance over time and drastically affect your staff’s daily workflow.

Greater information security

Newer hardware is built to be more secure and protect your information and practice from cyber-attacks, data loss and other disruptions. If your practice has invested a lot in the newest software and other physical security measures but has neglected its hardware then your practice could be just as vulnerable as before. Upgrading your hardware adds an extra layer of security and complements other security measures.


All hardware eventually reaches a point where it needs an update. This could be because it is no longer supported by its manufacturer, or is incompatible with any new software; either way, upgrading is inevitable. Upgrading sooner, rather than later, can prove to be economical and less disruptive to your practice, plus your staff can start taking advantage of significantly more efficient IT systems. Building in a regular upgrade process can help staff gradually adjust to new changes as opposed to making larger learning adjustments less frequently.

Outdated hardware can undermine your practice software by slowing it down and preventing you from using the full scope of new features and benefits. Often, the ability to update software only becomes available when your hardware has been updated. Upgraded software also lets you add integrated solutions – such as payment processing and client communications – that communicate with your practice software and increase efficiency across your practice.


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