RxWorks™ 5.7 release update available now!

By Marketing

19 February 2020 5 min read


Reimagining what it means to work in a veterinary practice

As we wrote in Behind the scenes of RxWorks™ 5.7 release with Becki Thomas, we’re simply throwing the idea of being bound by a desk terminal out the window and redesigning the user experience for veterinary practitioners. We’re breaking down what it means to work in a veterinary practice and reimagining the user experience of our practice management software. What does this mean for RxWorks™ practices? Well, we simply won’t take the physical limitations of a reception desk or computer terminal any longer. In the RxWorks 5.7 release our growing team of developers have focused on bringing an extra set of hands and proactive approach to your front of house operations.

Learn more about the developments by reading the blog below or visit our new RxWorks Updates page. It’s a one-stop-shop in our RxWorks Portal for everything you need to know about this release including our release notes.


  • Weight Kiosk
  • Counter Sale
  • Grouped SMS
  • Calendar

New product feature available with 5.7 

RxSMS is RxWorks’ new bi-directional SMS feature that links appointment reminders to your communications log so your team can proactively manage your consults and client experience.

Register your interest for the new bi-directional RxSMS here

Watch the webinar

Missed the live webinar about the update? Don’t worry – we have you covered! Login to your RxWorks Portal and watch the webinar on the RxWorks Updates page.

How to update

We’re changing how we update RxWorks practices! Click here to view the RxWorks 5.7 Release update calendar and select the next best available time RxWorks Support can update your clinic. You’ll receive a confirmation email from RxWorks Support with the update time.

What if I’m on a very early version of RxWorks like 4.9 or 5.3 – can I still update straight to RxWorks 5.7?

Yes! RxWorks has changed quite a bit and we are excited to share the developments with our practices.

RxSMS – our new bi-directional SMS functionality available with RxWorks 5.7

Don’t lose appointment confirmations in your inbox. Update to RxWorks 5.7 to get the newly configured bi-directional messaging, RxSMS.

RxSMS gives practices with existing SMS functionality and new practices the ability to view a Yes or No confirmation directly in their communications log and appointment scheduler. This means your front of house can proactively manage their time and their patients to ensure smooth running – or at least a smooth triage – of consultations. Nothing will change for your client’s view – it will remain the nice simple and clear text. What will change is the *Conf* and *Canc* signal now visible on your calendar, as well as the response notification in the bottom left of your RxWorks screen.

To help ensure your staff don’t miss an opportunity to follow up with clients on a cancelled appointment, the appointment will not be removed if cancelled – it will stay onscreen to be responded to with a follow up call or SMS that will appear in the communications log.

Introducing the new features of RxWorks 5.7

Weight Kiosk

Give clients the option to weigh their pets on arrival as part of your welcoming check-in and your staff the ability to greet clients at the door, rather than behind the desk with Weight Kiosk.

We’ve designed Weight Kiosk to be simple and beautiful with clear prompts on each screen. The list of patients to choose from to be weight are those marked in the Waiting Room clipboard. Once a patient is selected, their previously recorded weight will display under their profile picture. Clients and your staff can enter the patient’s weight or swap to a calculated version where they can choose to hold the pet or leave them in their carrier where they might be more comfortable. If it’s the latter, your team have the flexibility to weigh the carrier or themselves without the pet, allowing the system to calculate the actual patient weight.

The weights will appear in RxWorks on the related patient’s file and update automatically.

Counter Sale

Our recreated counter sale experience is one of these exciting new features where we are reimagining how you operate in a veterinary practice. The feature as been recreated in the web version to allow for use on tablet devices. All you’ll need is the clinic WiFi to connect the device.

With a beautiful new look, your teams will now have the ability to;

  • charge items to multiple patients in one sale
  • easily swap between units and packs and print labels
  • adjust quantities all from the single view
  • easily make split payments with different methods, and
  • search or create clients to attach the counter sale to

More details can be recorded on the counter sale where desired, including the dispensing Veterinarian, Cost Centre, Identification, and printed notes. A new client can also be created from Counter Sales by clicking New Client and Patient on the client selection screen.

When using Provet Connect, images will automatically download to RxWorks to be displayed in Counter Sales for items ordered within the last 2 days. 

Grouped SMS

RxWorks can now send one reminder to a client that may have two or more pets coming in for the same reminder on the same date. You’ll find the change in the Automated Message Manager module where the patient name merge field in messages will list each patient. The Grouped SMS add-on means clients will no longer receive multiple reminders and it will also save your clinic the extra SMS cost and time in following up separate reminders.

This grouping of messages functions similarly to grouped reminder letters (where reminders can be grouped by the patient or by client), and our Implementations team are particularly excited about this feature!


Alongside the new Counter Sale feature, we’ve added in a preview of our new calendar view for web-browser use. You can use the new-look calendar simultaneously with the current RxWorks clipboards and all data will be shared between the two. No data will be lost it will simply be updated to match.

You’ll find each of the groups along the top of the new Calendar screen corresponds with your groups in RxWorks. You can also swap views by clicking the Day, Week, Month and Agenda options or go back to your Today view. Our development team are loving the new look and feel of Calendar. The user experience for how a veterinary practice operates around the appointments scheduled has played a huge role in reimagining – and simplifying – this daily workflow. You can also book multiple appointments for patients under one client name and contact.

Our featured RxWorks community request 

Each month the team receive a number of requests from practices about features they want to see in RxWorks. Most of these requests come from the RxWorks Community Forum, accessed with your portal login on our website. One of the key feature changes incorporated in the RxWorks version 5.7 – we’ve updated the communications log to only load the previous 5 results instead of the whole history. This means your staff will be able to work through RxWorks more efficiently and effectively, only viewing the necessary information.

Can’t see the feature you wanted in this release?

Our RxWorks Community Forum is there to share your ideas! Login to the RxWorks User Portal and post your ideas or upvote your favourite features for our development team to consider. Our development team are always on the lookout for new features and updates that help save you time.