VisionVPM™ version 2018.1 update is here!

By Marketing

2 July 2018 5 min read


Below are some of the new features and functionality available in VisionVPM™ v2018.1.

.net Appointment Book

  • Print list of appointments found that match your appointment search.


  • Bonus points for clients are now able to be specified, accumulated and redeemed.
  • Vet S8 integration for controlled drugs to maintain an external online drug register.
  • Discount, Stock Fee and Surcharge Fee breakdown report, per client and invoice.


  • Reporting tool to easily edit and print drug labels and consent forms.
  • Customisable dashboards now available to show key information.
  • Analytical reporting tool to allow reports to be analysed.
  • Payroll changes for New Zealand customers using the Payroll module.