VisionVPM™ version 2018.2 is now available!

By Marketing

27 July 2018 5 min read


We are pleased to announce the general release of VisionVPM™ v2018.2.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Recurring client appointments in the .net appointment book
  • Duplicate Client Checker
  • Second Breed for cross bred animals
  • Default Bill To Clients for animals when another client pays their invoices
  • Multiple Images in a clinical record
  • Dose Rate displayed on client invoices, edited hidden formulations and drug label window
  • Further Email To options including email recipients and From address
  • Exclude clients with post-paid balances when adding end of month fees and discounts
  • Reuse Manual Auto Entries for journals, cashbook payments and deposits
  • Print a VPMDashboard graph or copy it to clipboard
  • VPMReports, an updated reporting tool for editing, printing and emailing client invoices, invoice/statements, statements

To view the release notes and update information, please log into the online portal and view the VisionVPM User Guide on updating.