VisionVPM™ version 2018.3 release highlights

By Marketing

17 December 2018 5 min read


Here are the latest updates and new functionality available in VisionVPM™ version 2018.3.

Appointment book .net

  • Automated txt appointment reminders able to be sent by appointment type
  • Number of Future Appointments seen on appointment window
  • Reset button available in toolbar.


  • Animal Group(s) displayed on companion Animal Details window
  • Animal wellbeing Graphs displayed on companion Animal Details window
  • Animal Wellness Plans able to be set up and used
  • Client Activity option to send to spreadsheet
  • Formulation component check in invoices for matching RVMs
  • Lab label export for Gribbles
  • Slip printer invoice and receipt available through VPMReports.


  • Updated User interface
  • Dashboard links to VPMAnalytics
  • Sales by Animal Class Dashboard
  • Supplier Activity able to be sent to spreadsheet
  • NZ LabWizard additional check for lab results in specified network folder
  • Full VPMAnalytic reports available