VisionVPM™ 2020.1 is now available to update

By Marketing

27 March 2020 5 min read


The VisionVPM™ 2020.1 release is now live in VisionVPM.

Our first release of the new year is jam-packed with features and updates that continue to focus on simplifying and streamlining your business and improving practice efficiency.

The improvements are designed to save you time managing your practice, help you build stronger relationships with your clients, and give you more options to streamline your practice processes.

Release Highlights

  • Authorised User Popup
  • Bulk Emails
  • Marketing Compliance 

Authorized User popup

Managing the different levels of access across employees in your practice can be a pain point that wastes time and causes interruptions. With our latest release, when a user does not have access to restricted actions (i.e. editing, deleting and reversing client invoices), VisionVPM will display a popup window where a user with the required access can enter their password.

Previously, users had to log out and ask someone to log in again to perform the action, a frustrating and time-consuming step. Designed to save you time in managing your practice, users can now simply ask a user with access to enter their password and they can continue working without holding up customers.

Email Bulk Invoices

This update to our client module helps streamline invoice activity. When managing invoices you will now be able to bulk send invoices for a single client or multiple clients.

VisionVPM generates individual pdf documents for each invoice, which results in enormous time-saving when organising invoices. Clinics previously had to go into each individual client and email invoices to a single email address.

Marketing Compliance

With our latest update, you can now track compliance on your marketing campaigns sent via email, SMS and mail.

Compliance is based on the number of invoices generated for clients who were sent a communication, over a set invoice amount, and the number of days after the campaign was sent. Where multiple invoices for a single client are generated, VisionVPM will only include one invoice towards the compliance results. On update, VisionVPM will default the minimum invoice amount to $20 and days in the future to check for an invoice will be set to 30.

Email, Txt and Mail columns have been added to the Marketing Schedule window. These display the number of invoices sent against the number of communications, as a fraction and as a percentage.

VPMAnalytics allows you to produce a report showing the numbers of marketing items sent, the number of linked invoices and the compliance percentage. A Marketing Compliance widget in the client section of the VPMDashboard will show monthly marketing numbers sent, associated invoices, and compliance percentage, which can also be sent to VPMAnalytics.

Further information available in the VisionVPM 2020.1 release notes explains more about:

  • Moving linked appointments
  • Microchip Registration Access
  • Customising clinical reports, stock letters and certificates
  • Recurring Supplier Invoices
  • Resolved issues

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