How to achieve optimum stock management and more sustainability in the veterinary industry

15 October 2021 5 min read


The veterinary industry, like many in the healthcare and frontline are known to be particularly hazardous and wasteful. It isn’t a blame game, but an opportunity for us to take the lead in becoming sustainable.

quotation marks in greenAs we begin to emerge from the global pandemic, we have a tremendous opportunity to drive forward, collaborative approaches to One Health and sustainability. Governments and the public have never understood so much about virology (SARS-CoV-2, a novel coronavirus causing COVID-19), diagnostics (lateral flow tests & PCR), biosecurity (PPE, social distancing & lockdown), immunology (vaccine efficacy & duration of immunity) and social science (wellbeing, education & the economy) as they do just now. As veterinarians, we have a monumental opportunity to be involved in collaborative trans-disciplinary alliances to create sustainable solutions to global threats such as the emergence of zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance and climate change. Each and every one of us can start to make small changes immediately to become more sustainable – in how we use single-use plastics through to how we support our clients in climate-responsible pet ownership and livestock productionquotation marks in green
– Simon Doherty, Chair at FVE, Food Safety & Sustainability Working Group

At Covetrus, we put together a few resources so that you can start to implement and integrate sustainable practices immediately. We also held a webinar on 05 October 2021 that demonstrates how you can take control of your stock management, to not only save significant costs, but immerse the clinic in a truly paperless, sustainable way.

Led by our Head of Sales for UK and EMEA, Colin Johnston and followed up with a demo from our Lead Learning Consultant, Dave Tate, you’ll learn how to:

  • Preset optimal stock levels.
  • Create a structured environment for more disciplined stock control & stock takes
  • Implement easy & accurate recording of dispensed quantities
  • Record batch numbers & expiry dates – reporting on short dated items
  • Monitor the ‘shelf life’ of opened stock
  • Enter, track & report on stock wastage
  • Get additional value through VetCheck and Integrated Payments

Watch our on-demand video here

Other resources include:

  • Free Q&A with Gudrun Ravetz, Director of Vet Sustain and Greener Practice Checklist here
  • Charter Vets Case Study here
  • Updated software releases on RxWorks for a paperless practice, including integrated payments and VetCheck here
  • Rory the Vet Podcast/ Interview on Sustainability