Are wellness plans right for your veterinary practice?

By Marketing

25 August 2020 5 min read


4 questions to answer before implementation

According to Dr. Karen E. Felsted, “with more practices feeling the pushback from clients over the cost of veterinary care, there’s never been a greater need” for wellness plans.

But while wellness plans can add value in many ways, they may not be right for everyone.

Here are four questions to ask when considering veterinary wellness plans, plus action items designed to highlight the specific needs of your practice.

1. How are your compliance rates?

Pet owners who subscribe to wellness plans are more likely to comply with your care recommendations. 

To Do: Observe your clients – are they visiting regularly and paying in full? Or do many skip checkups and strain to cover the bill?

2. How busy is your practice?

Wellness plans can be a great marketing tool to differentiate your practice and attract new clients.

To Do: Consider your current capacity and set goals for practice growth.  

3. Does your software support wellness plans?

Older software may make wellness plans feel overwhelming, but a simple update can deliver seamless administration.

To Do: Talk with your software vendor about wellness plan capabilities.

4. Is your team on board?

Successful wellness programs depend on positive engagement, so it’s critical your staff understands how these plans improve both patient and practice health.

To Do: Ask your team if they feel prepared to make wellness plans a success.

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