Announcing Compounding Partnership with Fear Free®

15 August 2022 5 min read


New Partnership Aims for Less Stress, Improved Animal Health

Research shows that a veterinary visit can provoke anxiety in pets and the humans who love them.1 Now, Covetrus® Compounding and Roadrunner Pharmacy have partnered with Fear Free® to make visiting the veterinarian and receiving treatment more enjoyable for pets and pet parents.

Fear Free is an education company providing online and in-person continuing education and certification programs for veterinary professionals, pet professionals, animal welfare communities, and pet owners to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets and provide enrichment. The new partnership, which kicked off on July 15, 2022, empowers veterinary practices by providing additional tools and tailored medications to enhance the health and well-being of pets.

Anxiety starts before a veterinary visit

Anxiety associated with veterinary care can begin before a visit and may linger after the pet returns home. In a study cited by Dr. Marty Becker in “From Fearful to Fear Free,” 51 percent of dog parents said their pet disliked going to the veterinarian. Another 26 percent of dog parents said taking their furry family member to the veterinarian was stressful.1

When appropriate for the pet, compounded medications can play a role in easing stress and anxiety before and during a veterinary visit. When administered before exams, certain compounds can calm fearful and anxious pets, allowing the doctor to perform a more thorough examination.

Compounded medications for chronically ill pets

The benefits of compounded medications can extend beyond the clinic walls, aiding chronically ill pets that need customized, long-term medications to remain healthy.

Administering these medications typically triggers anxiety in pets and pet parents. Only about 20 percent of pet parents are able to administer their pet’s medication as directed by their veterinarian, according to a study cited by “From Fearful to Fear Free.”1

Compounded medications can be easier to administer due to the variety of dose forms available for particular needs. Compounded medications allow a doctor to prescribe a different dose form that can make it easier for the pet owner to administer, and can even prescribe a flavored medication to increase palatability.  Additionally, compounded medications can be made in a customized strength for those pets whose needs can’t be met with a commercially available product. These benefits, in turn, may foster greater treatment compliance.

Why Fear Free?

Because Fear Free makes veterinary visits less stressful, preventative visits are more likely to occur.  This may lead to a more positive relationship between the veterinarian and pet parent, increased business success, and most importantly — improved health outcomes for pets.2

Covetrus Compounding and the Roadrunner Pharmacy are excited about this partnership and the opportunities this can provide to veterinarians and pet owners across the nation!  To learn more about the role compounding can play in your clinic, please visit


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