CareCredit® Integration in Your Practice Management Software: The Best of Both Worlds

31 May 2023 5 min read


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Your practice management software (PMS) is one of the most important tools you have to streamline workflows. From accessing patient information to payment processing to scheduling and so much more, it’s hard to imagine running your practice without it—because it’s your practice’s command center.

The secret to getting the most out of your PMS is leveraging its capabilities to make the necessary administrative tasks and procedures easier and more streamlined for your team, and leaving you more time to care for pets and clients.

A great example of this is the CareCredit integration with Covetrus Pulse, Avimark®, and Impromed®, which makes the payment experience faster, because it allows you to do everything within your PMS.

Put more flow in payment workflow
By having all of the CareCredit information and tools in your PMS, it’s easier to help clients see if they prequalify for the CareCredit credit card, apply for the card, and pay with CareCredit—without having to maneuver between screens to complete the process. Plus, CareCredit credit card transactions processed through the integration automatically write back to the ledger, saving you significant time.

Practices have seen the value:

“[The integration] makes for a simpler process because we are not going back and forth between screens. If CareCredit is the payment type, we can easily access patient info in the integration… It makes everything easier and simpler.”

— Scott Rogers, Office Manager, Palmer Veterinary Clinic, Plattsburgh, NY

Time-friendly for you, budget-friendly for clients
It’s no surprise that cost of care is a cause of stress for pet parents. In fact, 75% of pet owners surveyed said that an invoice over $250 can trigger anxiety.1 One way to alleviate this is by proactively communicating you have budget-friendly financing options like CareCredit to help them be financially prepared for all types of care.

At the client’s request, practices can initiate the process to see if they prequalify (with no impact to their credit score) by filling in basic information and clicking “submit” to receive an instant decision. If they are prequalified, the client can accept the offer of credit and the practice can submit the application on their behalf.2

Once approved, they can use their card to help with their pet’s veterinary care. They have peace of mind knowing they are ready with a way to pay, and your team knows they have an easy way to process their payment.

Everyone can focus on what they care about most—taking care of the pet.

Ready to get started?
CareCredit integrates with Covetrus Pulse™, Avimark®, Impromed®, and Impromed Equine. To activate the integration, contact Covetrus Support. To learn more about Covetrus practice management software, request a demo today.

Not already accepting CareCredit?
If you’re interested in offering more financing options to help your clients pay for care, visit to learn more and get started with the enrollment process today.


  1. Pet – Lifetime of Care Study, Synchrony, August 2021
  2. This functionality is not available for providers in California who are prohibited under state law from submitting applications on behalf of patients for certain healthcare loans or lines of credit, including the CareCredit credit card.